Where to Play Double Bubble Slot

There are now a number of fantastic gaming sites that you can visit to play Double Bubble slot and this short guide has been written to highlight the best.  They are all operated by the company behind JackpotJoy (gamesys) so you know they will offer the fairest terms and great player support.

Virgin Games

Sun Bingo


Caesars Bingo

Setting Double Bubble Slot to Play Via Auto Play

If you take a good look at the control panel of most if not all online slot games you will see there is a button marked auto play, and you may be wondering what that button does and whether it can help you have a more rounded and enjoyable online slot playing experience!

That button when pressed will then reveal to you a range of option settings which will then allow you to configure that slot to play itself for you automatically, and as such if you ever want a very lay and laid back type of slot playing session where you can sit and watch the slot playing itself then make sure you do click on the auto play button!

Once clicked you then have to set the auto play in a way you want the slot to play automatically. You will of course be able to set the stakes and pay line options and you will then be able to pick out and select just how many spins you want the auto play to play off for you.

However, you can also configure a range for different options such as making the auto play stop playing off your spins a certain win has been spun in of a certain value or when the bonus feature game has been triggered and awarded to you.

You will also have a few other options available to you such as for the auto play to cut off if you lose a certain amount of credits or when a jackpot has been spun in. Do make sure you have a look at what the auto play option settings can do for you when you next choose to play slot games online as there may be a good chance you will find it very useful.

There are however a few different rules and laws in regards to how many spins you can set a sot to play itself with in certain countries of the world, some countries do not have any specific minimum or maximum laws or rules in place.

However, if you are from the UK then be aware that the UK Gambling Commission has decided as part of their responsible gaming policy to only allow slots offered to players in the UK a maximum of 25 spins via the auto play, and as such that will be the maximum number of spins you can play off it you are in Great Britain.

You may or may not want to use the auto play feature when you are next playing slot games online, however if you do fancy sitting back and watching as the slot plays itself then you will need to choose a slot to play!

We can highly recommend a slot game called the Tiki Island slot for that is a fun to play slot offering a large cash jackpot, multiple bonus games and when you play it you will have the added benefit of playing a slot on which there is a huge 99.29% payout percentage!

Once you do master configuring slot games to play using the auto play feature then you will always be able to claim a casino bonus and then set the slots up to play off a certain number of spins for you, and that will allow you to keep track of how much cash you have wagered on those slots.

That will be important for as you are aware all casino bonuses come with play through requirements and as such by using auto play knowing how much you have wagered using your bonus credits will be a whole lot easier, sites powered by Gamesys software by the way often give out the most generous and high valued slot bonuses!

Tips to Gamble on Your Mobile Phone and Play Casino Games Like Double Bubble Slot

Playing slots online is definitely very entertaining and fun. You do not have to make a trip to the casino, all you need is a good internet connection and a laptop. But, carrying a laptop around is also a difficulty as it can be cumbersome. There is another option which you can explore and that is playing games and gamble on your mobile phone. Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone that has a good screen and amazing high-definition quality. If you have a working internet connection on the device, you can easily play casino games like Double Bubble slot on it without even logging on to your computer. Having a Wi-Fi connection greatly helps in this scenario.

Many online casinos offer apps of their games on the smartphone. You can download the mobile version of the casino and play all the games that are listed on the website. Slotland is one such casino website that offers games on your phone.  Gamble on Your Mobile Phone

Popular Mobile Slots at Slotland

Some of the most famous online slots are Tikal Treasure, Turbo GT, Fruit Mani and more. They are fun to play and very addictive. There are about a dozen of these enjoyable slots available on the casino website. You can try playing all of them and then decide which ones suits your taste the most. Here we look at some of them in greater detail.

Fruit Mania

With 15 pay lines and 5 reels, Fruit Machine is a popular slot game among audience members. The slot game is a treat for the eyes as it has colourful symbols sprung on the screen. This feature makes it attractive and fun to play. You have an assortment of cherries and bells that add a certain flavour to your game-playing experience. Some of the features that make the game worthy of playing is the bonus rounds and the multipliers. These symbols are usually triggered when opens up several interesting winning combinations. This slot game might also fetch you the progressive jackpot.

Double Luck

Double Luck is also a fun and interactive game that offers about 9 pay lines and 5 reels. Some of the symbols in the game are very fun-filled and engaging. It is a simple slot game to play with a maximum bet of $4.

Tikal Treasure

Tikal Treasure is also a very exciting video slot to play. It has 25 pay lines and has 5 reels. The game has a very mystic feel and it has several interesting symbols such as the Sun God, tribal mask, and some Mayan symbols. It also has a very interesting wild symbol that is called the Quetzalcoatl. You need five of these to have a max bet.

Turbo GT

This video slot is exciting and has 5 reels and 11 pay lines. Car lovers would be addicted to the game as that is the theme. Some fun symbols in the game include a Trophy, a helmet, speed-meter and more. The wild and scatter symbols are also great in terms of their availability. Overall, this video slot is out of the box and very immersive.

Double Bubble Casino Game – Canada’s Casino Gaming Business Revolutionised

Canada’s Casino Gaming BusinessThe internet has truly transformed the way in which we live because there is almost no field on which it hasn’t left an impact. This is especially true of the consumer industry. In fact, the reach of the internet has increased further thanks to the development of mobile technology. Interestingly, casino gaming seems to have been impacted to a very high degree by the developments in internet and mobile technology, as is very clear to see from the example of Canada.

There was a time when people, a large number of whom were high rollers, would make their way to luxurious casinos in different parts of Canada order to enjoy gambling but these days the internet has enabled people from all walks of life to get a piece of the action as well. In fact, the gambling industry in this country has grown so much that it is worth billions of dollars every year.

People can now gamble for very small amounts of money and for as long as they want without even having to leave the comfort of their homes. There is none of the pressure of trying to outdo other players which is what often happens at a land based casino. Gamblers can use their laptops or mobile devices to play a wide range of casino games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and particularly slots. The games featured here make use of state of the art software programs that enable players to have a thoroughly exciting experience. In fact, industry leaders such as Microgaming are also working towards developing games that offer a highly inclusive experience.

Online gambling is much more convenient and cost effective when compared to land based gambling. Not only do players save money by not having to commute to a casino or pay for costly food and beverages but they can also take advantage of the fantastic promotional offers that internet based casinos offer. Many sites offer fabulous bonuses in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Many of them also permit customers to play a few games for free. In fact, online gambling is turning out to be a very inexpensive form of entertainment.

The rapid development of the online gambling industry has no doubt created a few problems in that some sites are not particularly reliable. However, it has also made it very easy for customers to find the best possible gambling site to use. People can visit a number of review sites to get detailed information about specific online casinos. This enables them to choose one that has a wide range of games that interest them whilst also being cost effective and reliable. Many people go so far as to choose gambling sites that feature games from a particular software developer, Microgaming for instance, because they enjoy the range and depth of games made by that company.

All in all, Canada’s online casinos are set to rake in billions of dollars in revenues as more and more people take to gambling online.

NetEnt to Introduce Virtual Reality Slots – Double Bubble Game Online

The most popular and the successful casino gaming developer, Net Entertainment is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, 2016. The company entered the casino world in 1996 and until now, it has contributed a lot with its newest of new slot games. The anniversary has given NetEnt an opportunity to display how innovation can power and change the future of online gaming. Further discussed are the objectives of the company and the way it is going to meet the changing needs of the players through their virtual reality slots.

Virtual Reality SlotsPlans of NetEnt

The company is all set to celebrate this year. Further, the part of the celebrations is going to be a virtual reality. Players will be given a chance to enter into this virtual reality and enjoy the games. The major game that you will be able to experience in this is Jack and the Beanstalk game. This simply means that the gaming developer is brainstorming on the newest technology and is all interested to introduce it. The company has been exploring the technology of virtual technology eagerly and believes that it can bring about a revolution in the casino gaming industry. Virtual reality is sure to offer an immersive experience to all the players. In fact, it is an indication of the ways future online slots are going to be.

3D Sound Technology

Net Entertainment will also display its 3D sound technology to its players. Without a doubt, 3D technology is another feature of the company’s portfolio of mobile games.  The company believes that people today prefer playing online games on their mobiles. It is simply because mobiles allow gaming at any time and at any place. Therefore, the 3D sound effect will enhance the gaming experience of the players and more people will be interested to play the games on their mobile devices. The company has done a thorough research on the different reactions of people and their expectations out of online casino games.

Showcase of 5 Concepts

The interactive innovation experience will also include the main five concepts. These concepts will describe the nature of future gamblers and will look into their gambling needs, demands and other key interests. The main reason behind these concepts is to comprehend the changing behavior of the gamblers and their particular needs when it comes to different gambling products. This shows how the company is making efforts to bring out the finest casino gaming experience for the players.


Per Eriksson, the CEO of NetEnt has remarked that the company is on a mission to bring in some excitement to ICE. He proudly said that with every coming birthday of the company, it is going much bigger and better than ever. The company is constantly dealing with innovation and trying to implement the 3D sound technology and virtual reality. However, it promises to remain loyal with its moral beliefs and values, the factors that have bring such a success to the company until date. In fact, the fans of NetEnt are also awaiting the newer technology.

Iconic Double Bubble casino game Slot Game Now Available On Pariplay

Black Widow Slot GameFans of Atari’s arcade video games will be pleased to know that its Black Widow game is now available in a real-money online slot version. The new online slot game has been developed by well known gaming software company Pariplay Ltd. which is no stranger to the iGaming business. Located in the Isle of Man, this company raised a lot of expectations when it entered into a strategic partnership with Atari Interactive in 2014 to develop its iconic and immensely popular 1980’s style arcade games for gaming websites. This move was welcomed by the gaming world because it would bring many beloved Atari games to a larger audience located all over the world, especially younger gamers who might not have played the original arcade games.

The newest version of Black Widow has been developed by the in-house development team at Pariplay. It has been made in HTML5 and is optimized to be played in all devices on which online gambling is now possible. In other words, the game can be played on smart phones and tablets instead of being available on PCs only since it has control panels meant for each type of device.

Black Widow was originally released in 1982 and it became popular very quickly. Video gamers instantly took to its theme of a spider which they had to move it around its web whilst shooting at numerous insects and beetles. Like all other slot games from Pariplay, Black Widow has been made with superb graphics and a truly spectacular sound track that has a military vibe to it. The insects that are featured in the game carry lethal weapons such as bazookas and grenades. The game also has plenty of Wilds that are guaranteed to make things interesting.  There are also two bonus games that enable players to win more money. The game is fairly fast paced to begin with, but people who choose to speed things up can go for the Turbo Mode function.

The slot game has the 5 reels and 3 pay lines on which punters can try their luck and win some money. The online game has a very sophisticated feel to it and it will give a return to player of 94.8%. There is no doubt that it will be a big hit with gamblers. The company is currently at work on developing other titles from Atari as part of its developmegt deal. According to Pariplay’s CEO, Gili Lisani, Gamers can soon look forward to additional titles such as Asteroid, Tempest and Pong.

Pariplay has been in the online gaming business for quite some time now and it has built up quite a large collection of games. In fact, the company has made more than 100 exciting slots titles so far in addition to numerous keno, bingo and scratch card games.

The brand new title was launched at the ICE Totally Gaming conference at London which is the biggest event of the online gaming industry and it received a very enthusiastic reception.

Yggdrasil Gaming off to a Good Start in 2016 With Incinerator and Double Bubble Slot Game

Yggdrasil GamingWell-known gaming software design company Yggdrasil Gaming has added to its already impressive gaming portfolio that include the likes of Double Bubble slot with a brand new slot game called Incinerator. This game was launched on the 21st of January 2016 to excellent reviews. This is a very exciting and innovative slot game that is sure to keep players enthralled with its thrills and spills. Even more exciting is the fact that it is possible to win large sums of money playing this game thanks to the many special features it is loaded with.

Incinerator is an electrifying game that is set in outer space. The incinerator in question is no ordinary one; it is the most massive one in the universe and its job is to destroy space trash such as metal from damaged space craft. Players get to burn space trash when certain combinations of images appear on the screen. The destruction of this trash enables them to earn money. While the game’s theme is no doubt very interesting, Incinerator also has an avalanche feature that gives players the opportunity to get winning combinations over and over again since existing symbols will be replaced by others. The game also has a Wild Patterns feature that is activated very frequently, Tetris style, to the immense delight of players. The game has a fairly high max bet at €200 for every spin.

Anyone who is keen to play this new slot game just has to visit a casino that has a Yggdrasil platform. These include Casino Estrella, Vera and John Casino, and Mr Green Casino. The company has also just received its gaming licence to operate in the United Kingdom, and this will enable it to take its products to a much wider customer base than present. Yggdrasil sites also give very attractive bonuses and this helps them attract and retain customers in a highly competitive business.

Yggdrasil Gaming has made quite a name for itself in the gaming world thanks to the high quality of its games meant for internet and mobile casinos. Other games from this company include Dark Joker Rizes, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, and Vikings Go Wild in addition to an immensely popular progressive jackpot game called Joker Millions. One feature that all the company’s slots share is that they are larger than life and have very unusual themes. Yggdrasil’s impact on the gaming business has been recognized by the industry on more than one occasion. It was given the important award of Software Rising Star at the EGR B2B 2015 Awards. This company has also been nominated to be named iGaming Software Supplier at the International Gaming Awards 2016.

Yggdrasil Gaming CEO Fredrik Elmqvist said that the company had many exciting plans for the future since its existing games have done very so far. It has quite a few games in the offing as part of its efforts to attract a wider customer base. If the response to Incinerator is anything to go by then the company will do very well in 2016 indeed.

An Insight into Casino and Player Fallacies that May Have an Effect on Double Bubble Slot!

Often times, you must have wondered about your constant losses at an online casino. It is simply because of some misconceptions at the part of the casino and the players. This article talks about some of the most common casino and player’s fallacies that may have an effect on Double Bubble slot. With this, the solutions of it are also discussed under.

Casino and Player FallaciesMajor Casino Fallacies

Most of the casinos believe that they can make more through cheating. As a result, the casinos enter into this foolishness and always try to cheat the players. Some casinos simply refuse to pay out the winnings after the player has won. It was recently seen that one of the popular casino refused to give away the jackpot by making an excuse of machine failure. However, if the Random Number Generator is in best condition, this situation can never arise.

The second trick that these casinos play is by setting the Random Number Generator in order to make their own profits. They set it to pay out less than the reasonable amount. In this way, the payout rate keeps on fluctuating. It is important for the casinos to understand the players. However, it is another fact players hardly care about house edge as long as they get the best gaming experience.

Player Fallacies

The foremost fallacy on the part of the players is that they remain confuse about the casino at which they should sign up. As a player, you must understand that no casino can guarantee everything you want. The experts of casino suggest that players must check out the payout percentage of the casinos before actually making any deposits in any casino. In fact, you should read the testimonials of different casinos to get a fair idea of the payouts and other features of the same. Only after acquiring complete knowledge about the casino, you should end up signing up at it.

In addition to this, you can also send a mail to the casino asking about some core details of it like payout percentage and other games. If the casino replies in the minimum possible time then it is always a good sign. You must go ahead and become a member of it. Another fallacy of the players is that they fail to understand the small prints of the different terms and conditions especially regarding the disposition of the bonus amount. You must remember that you cannot withdraw the bonus very easily. Further, you must ensure that the casino is keeping full track of your bonuses.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, after going through all these fallacies, you must try to consider them and try to follow the solutions. You may come across many casinos but you should always end up with the most authentic, legitimate and the reputed one. To hunt one such casino, you can take references from your known ones or read the customer feedback. You must always remember that once you have signed up at any illegitimate casino then you can actually land in troubled waters. Be smart and wise!

Juegos Miami

LeoVegas COO to Speak at Double Bubble Slot Machine

Miami will become the centre of mobile gaming universe from the 31st of May till the 3rd of June this year when the Juegos Miami gaming convention takes place here. Promoted by Clarion Events, the company that is behind huge gaming industry events such as ICE and GiGSE, Juegos Miami is expected to be a very important event that focuses on the gaming industry in the Caribbean and Pan-Latin American regions and is the first of its type. It will be held at The Biltmore, Coral Gables, Miami and will attract industry participants from many different countries since it provides them with plenty of opportunities for networking.

Considering the importance of the event, many local government officials and industry regulators are expected to take part in it. There will also be around 30 other senior thought leaders from the industry participating in the event. Incidentally, this is an invitation only event and is generating a great deal of interest because of its specific focus.

LeoVegas COO Marcus Nylen is expected to give the keynote presentation at this convention, with the apt title of “Going mobile – no longer an option”. After all, LeoVegas is one of the best online mobile casinos available these days since it offers a wide range of games in an excellent gaming environment. As one of the earliest companies to get in on the mobile gaming trend, LeoVegas has a head start over most of its competitors and Marcus Nylen will definitely have a lot of useful information for audiences at the keynote presentation.

While he is prepared to impart his ample knowledge about mobile gaming marketing strategies, he is also looking forward to taking part in the social events scheduled during the event. The knowledge that he has to impart will be of use to start-ups as well as established operators in the industry. After all, LeoVegas has been very successful because it focused on mobile gaming instead of treating it as an extension of their online product designed for desktops.

Mobile gambling is a fast growing segment of the gambling industry since people increasingly prefer to use their mobile devices for gambling instead of their laptops or PCs. After all, the screen sizes of these devices are expanding and so are their memory and computing capabilities.

Opportunity to Expand in the Latin American Market

The South and Latin American markets hold a great deal of potential for the gambling industry. In fact, there are many gaming operators ready to cater to this immense market. Interestingly, a large number of them have switched to mobile gaming in keeping with the industry trend. LeoVegas and other companies will be exploring various strategies to expand into this lucrative market.

Juegos Miami is a custom made event for the Latin American and South American markets and as such, its concept hasn’t been lifted from other large exhibitions and conventions catering to the gaming industry as a whole. The event has been designed to provide exhibitors a cost effective forum for the exchange of knowledge and for socialising with industry peers.

Amazing £2.85 Million Slots Win on Play Double Bubble Online

In a story that’s the stuff that dreams are made of, Christmas came early for a NetBet customer who won a whopping £2.85 million mega jackpot when playing the immensely popular online slot game Golden Rally. As is often the way with slot games, the huge win came from a very small bet of around £11. The lucky winner of the jackpot doesn’t wish to get any publicity for obvious reasons, but he did agree to talk to the media about his life changing win.NetBet customer

The lucky winner of the jackpot is no stranger to gambling and has been playing slots for more than 10 years. He tried out a number of casinos during this period but has been playing at NetBet since the past few months, a decision that has indeed proven lucky for him. The winner is extremely enthusiastic about his favourite casino. He mentioned that he chose the site on account of its fabulous promotions and high quality customer support. He also said that the excellent design of the site enables him to easily and quickly choose games to play. The other advantage of playing at NetBet Casino is that it is one of the first off the block to feature brand new games.

Interestingly, the jackpot wasn’t the only win the player made that day. It’s hard to believe, but he won a four figure prize earlier in the same gambling session. He switched to Golden Rally when he won that money because the site had a promotion running for that game whereby players would be given additional chances based upon how much they played. It goes without saying that the decision worked very well for him. However, he didn’t have to play for long because the win happened within 10 minutes of starting the game.

Not very surprisingly, the winner didn’t even realize that he had got a jackpot. The numbers on the screen kept changing as the entire win amount was displayed and he had to contact customer support at NetBet to verify that he had actually won.

The realization that he was now a very wealthy man took quite some time to seep in and even his wife was stunned for a while when she first heard the news. However, the lucky winner now has a fairly good idea of how his windfall will be utilized. For one, he will treat himself to a brand new car. Furthermore, he also has a big debt to repay, one that he earlier took in order to launch his business. The win will pay of all these and leave him with plenty to spare.

The team at NetBet is delighted to be able to enrich its customers in such a dramatic manner. Online slots are immensely popular with gamblers exactly for the reason that the prizes are huge even for relatively small wagers. There is a wide range of games on offer, each of which has an attractive theme and high quality sound effects and animation.

Sports Star Series – Double Bubble Slot Machines for Sports Fans

There has always been a connection between sports and video games. If you enjoy participating in or just watching sporting events then you are sure to have thrills playing digital games with the same theme. Sports fans also have a great time gambling, both in land based casinos and on the internet. As a matter of fact, sports themed slot games are immensely popular with gamblers from all over the world and many large as well as lesser known gaming software developers create them. Sports Star Series is one of the best known collections of slot games with a sports theme.Sports Star Series

The Sports Star Series of slots games is available on many casinos because it has the ability to draw in customers. The games that it consists of are all very exciting and they are made with great attention to detail. The series starts off with the Football Star game which is themed on soccer. This game was launched at the same time as the worldwide football fever on account of the FIFA World Cup. Other sports covered in the series are Ice Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, and Basketball. Incidentally, the rugby game was released just in time to take advantage of the excitement surrounding the Rugby World Championship.

These games have been created by industry leader Microgaming, which has made more than 600 different slot games so far, and they have what it takes to keep a sports-mad gambler busy. These sports themed video slot games can be played for cash or for free. Players who choose the free play option can no doubt have a great time seeing the reel spin but they cannot hope to win any money or participate in exciting promotions.

These exciting video slot games are available on a number of popular gambling sites. Each of the games in this series has five reels and three rows. In all, they give gamblers 243 different opportunities to win money. The games also have attractive features such as cascading wins (when symbols that make up winning combinations vanish from the screen to be replaced by others, thereby increasing the chances of additional wins) and Free Spins. These games have been given high quality graphics and realistic stadium sounds in addition to 3D animation, as a result of which they provide a highly immersive experience. As an added touch, the scatter symbol used in every game is the image of the ball or puck used to play that particular game. The sound effects that accompany a winning combination make one feel like one is in a real stadium!

Themed slots games are incredibly popular with gamblers because they provide an additional level of enjoyment over and above the excitement of winning the game. It is therefore no surprise that gaming software developers work on these types of games instead of making ordinary ones. It will be interesting to see what additional sport the developer adds to this series, given that the existing titles are getting a great deal of play on online casinos.

Remote Moon Games Double Bubble Gambling Bill

It seems like quite a few countries are deciding to bring online casinos under the radar of late. The latest to join the bandwagon are the Dutch. The online casinos that have been entertaining Dutch players for a while now, might have to pay a higher gambling tax. This is happening because the Remote Gambling Bill is being kicked into action of late by the Dutch coalition.Remote Gambling Bill

It is not now that the Dutch authorities started trying to regulate the online gambling environment, they have been at it for a while now. Only that they were slow at it. And that was so because of the quest to find a tax rate that did justice both to land-based operators as well as online operators. These were the different kinds of possibilities they wanted to contemplate. It does not seem that the new tax proposal is any sort of a compromise and that is so because no kind of distinction is being made between online casinos and the actual casinos. Online casinos can now be be taxed at 29%, which is just as much as their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

A few changes to the Remote Gaming Bill have been made by the members of the ruling parliamentary coalition. One of these changes is the imposition of a uniform tax for gambling. This action will not have any consequence whatsoever on gambling operators that are land-based. Example of the same will be the industry leading Holland Casino, which will remain unchanged whereas on the other hand, the charges levied on online casinos would be much more. For they were supposed to pay a tax of only 20% at the outset.

This poses a potential setback for Dutch players because this tax of only 20% was to egg them on and into applying for a licence. The main folks to benefit from this are the punters of playing at Dutch licensed casinos for now they would get to enjoy a secure environment. The new tax, which is 29% tax will have a damaging effect and will aid only those internationally licensed operators who are competitive when it comes to cost.

The news comes as a shock to many people, mostly the online casinos with great businesses that have been catering to Dutch player for quite a while now. The same sent shockwaves even among those who are interested in applying for a license. However the legislators are insisting and assuring   the companies affected that according to their calculations, the tax rate will be reduced to 25% for all online casinos, three years from now.

We should be able to see in practice that soon enough this will have a two-pronged effect by boosting gambling revenue and bring more money to state coffers. It is unlikely that Tweede Kamer will schedule a vote for the first quarter of 2016 as was initially expected.  These changes will put some breaks in the development of regulating the online industry.

Ban Online Gambling Sites

Canada Likely to Ban Online Gambling Sites

Legislators in Quebec are considering a law that will ban all privately run online wagering sites in an attempt to reduce competition for gambling sites run by the government. Known as Bill 74, the new legislation is an attempt to control the considerable revenues that accrue from gambling. As of now, the Canadian Province Government operates a number of gambling sites. If the bill is passed into law then internet service providers will be required to block customers in Quebec from accessing privately owned sites because this will no longer be legal.

One of the terms of the law states that the Société des loteries du Québec will draw up a list of sites that will be deemed illegal, and internet service providers will have to block access to them. In case any service provider is found to be in violation of this act then the company will be reported to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux. The Régie will then have to ensure that the terms of the law are complied with. Furthermore, the law invests certain officials of the Régie with powers to conduct an investigation into the issue.

The office of Canada’s finance minister Carlos Leitao released a statement to highlight the requirement of the bill. Spokesperson Audrey Cloutier said that the new bill was part of the government’s efforts to provide gambling in a secure and honest environment. Leitao has stated very emphatically that only government run sites can be relied on to keep the best needs of customers in mind and to apply fair gaming rules.

However, gambling industry experts are of the opinion that the bill has been introduced only to protect the government owned and managed Loto Quebec from competition. Loto Quebec is struggling to stay afloat as of now since it hasn’t been able to deal with competition from privately run competitors. What is even more interesting is that certain provisions of the bill also contradict the federal communication laws in Canada.

Michael Geist, the University of Ottawa based expert in internet law, also pointed out that the people backing the law don’t seem to know very much about the internet and how it works. He went on to say that government restrictions on internet use smacked of authoritarianism and was more suited to China than Canada since Canadians were quite capable of deciding where they could take their internet entertainment from. The bill hasn’t received a great deal of publicity as of now, but it is likely to create a huge problem when it does. In fact, the government can expect legal opposition on this issue from civil rights groups as well as internet companies.

It will be interesting to see whether Bill 74 does make its way to law and what its long term repercussions will be. Governments in different parts of the world are loosening restrictions on online gambling in order to regulate it better and provide customers a safe and entertaining experience on the internet.

Grand National 2016

A Detailed Overview of the Grand National 2016

Are you excited to witness 169th Crabbie’s Grand National 2016 at Aintree? According to the media reports, around 600 million viewers from across the globe are going to watch this and around £500 million is expected to be wagered at the Aintree festival this year. Without a doubt, it is a very challenging task to predict the national winning horse or to know about the happenings of a Premier League.

It is true that Leicester City has always topped the Premier League making it difficult for the bettors to predict the winner every time. However, Bet365, the most popular online gambling casino has rated some of the candidates, which will help you placing the wager on the most appropriate one.

The total number of runners in Grand National will be 40 and the total distance to be covered will be around 3,600 meters. Further, the number of fences will be 30 while the run to the finish will be of 474 yards. The bookmakers predict different runners as a standout winner but not win the bets. According to the details of Bet365, the nine year old has been priced at 8/1 and the casino has bright chances to win again. Last year, it won with Leighton Aspell claiming his second consecutive National win. He claimed to become the first jockey to have won the consecutive Nationals after Brian Fletcher claimed his wins with Red Rum. Until date, no jockey has made a record of winning three consecutive wins.

The Best of Others

If you are planning to bet then you can think about 10/1 on the Last Samuri. You can get it to follow up on the success of Grimthorpe Chase at Doncaster in the previous race. While talking about the Chestnut Gelding, it has a win rate of about 57%. It has undertaken 14 races until date and has won 8 out of them. Another most preferred is Silviniaco Conti, which is at 11/1 and had won Betfair Ascot Chase in February. In addition to this, The Druids Nephew and Holywell are priced at 14/1 each.

The Earlier Winners and Underdogs

In the year 2012, Neptune Collonges won the show with Jacob as its jockey. While talking this jockey, he has marked up the first place seven times from 27 runs in jump races. Moreover, Ruby Walsh who has been a winner twice is going to ride Sir Des Champs while Robbie Power is going to race Gilgamboa. Moving on to the underdogs, Double Ross, at 66/1, is yet to be placed and Aachen has claimed three top-two finishes. Besides this, Rule the World is the one, which is most preferred by all the bettors. However, it has not won any race since January 2014.

It is sure that bettors must have now acquired a great knowledge of various runners at the upcoming Grand National. The ratings and information revealed by Bet365 can prove to be a boon for you if you will use the information in the right direction.

Addiction of Fantasy Sports

The Increasing Addiction of Fantasy Sports and Its Impact

In the present era, people have developed various addictions including alcohol and drugs. However, the latest addiction that is growing with each passing day is of gambling. The gambling addiction has become a serious concern for all the rehabilitation centers and state officials. According to the media reports, there has been a great increase in the number of problem gamblers in these years.

The reason behind this increasing number is the convenience of betting through smartphones and tablets. It is true especially during ‘March Madness’ college basketball tournament. This tournament drives players crazy and they bet endlessly.

Reports of State’s Office of Problem Gambling

According to the report, almost around 36,000 calls were received to its hotline. Without a doubt, it is the highest number of calls that has been recorded since the public awareness efforts started in the year 2013. In addition to this, the head of the agency, Terri Sue Canale-Dalman has also mentioned that the total number of problem gamblers has reached to 1 million in the city of California, which is an alarming number.

While talking about the debts and losses, an average bettor is in $20,000 debt and loses around $38,000. Further, the loss is not only in the terms of money but it sometimes, lead to loss of relationships. In fact, some gamblers also lose their physical and mental health by placing the bet incessantly.

Leading Example of Jason

The biggest example is of Jason from Culver City. This man had continuously placed bets for ten years and has won a lot. For his family and friends, he has remained to be a winner always. Whether it is blackjack and other sports betting games, he has always had a good hand at all. However, Jason has remarked that although he won a huge sum of money, he lost a bit too over these years.

He said that gamblers never show up their cards and he has never shared his stories of losses with anybody. The winning gambler also repents the time he wasted on gambling instead of spending the same with his wife and kids. This simply shows that the addiction of gambling takes from you more than what it offers.

The Experts’ Study

According to the experts, the online gambling and fantasy sports have become the latest trend even among millennial and poker and slot machines have taken a backseat. Gaming websites like DraftKings and FanDuel have become the most preferred ones among the players around the globe. It is true that online gambling is considered as the harmless form of entertainment but the addiction of it can simply ruin the player’s life.

The experts mention that fantasy sports have remained to be unregulated for years and have become a topic of concern. The state of California is now thinking upon legislation that can clear out its legal take on the same. Therefore, it can be seen that the measures and actions are being taken to prevent the increase of online gambling addiction and save lives of many.

Juegos Miami 2016

Juegos Miami 2016-A Fair Platform for All the Gambling Providers

Certainly, the Latin American market offers a very captivating and diverse platform for iGaming, which is on its way to be integrated into the various networks and partnerships. Since a myriad of gaming partnerships and networks are developing in the globalised commerce environment, the Latin American market needs to be at par with it. According to the news, Juegos Miami 2016, which is the famous conference, is going to unite the Latin American market along with the Caribbean in Latin American mega hub Miami in coming June of this year.

About Juegos Miami 2016

In this popular conference, decision-makers, top senior operation, government representatives and other regulators from both Caribbean and Latin America have been invited to be a part of it. The conference calls itself to be heart of gaming beats and in entire Miami. While talking about the mission of this conference, it actually aims to have a noteworthy effect on the online casinos and online gambling.

It will be the first conference to provide a fair platform to both the online and land-based casino operators from Latin America and Caribbean. All these representatives will be a part of the conference with an aim to carry on the task of unifying the strategy to meet, address and identify the needs of ever-growing Caribbean and Latin American markets.

This global event is going to take place at the Majestic Biltmore of Miami. Without a doubt, this hotel is known to as one of the most elegant hotels of the world. The environment of this place is lavish enough to render a relaxing alternative to the hectic schedule of the trade show floor.

Overview of the Conference

The conference is going to take place on May 31 and will last until June 3. The events will start from May 31 with the welcome reception in the Tuesday evening. The other events to be followed precisely include the opening of the event on June 1 on Wednesday followed by a Golf tournament on Friday, June 3. It will be the most exclusive events to take place, as it will be filled with the most luxurious breakfasts, lunches, entertainment, cocktail receptions and much more. The participants will be able to enjoy other activities also.

The best part is that all of them will receive complimentary ground transportation from going and returning from the Biltmore. When it comes to the major themes of the program, it includes regional insight, global engagement of online gambling operators and local expertise. The main speakers will be covering the topics of lottery, bingo, sports betting, street games and about the regulations to ensure safety.

The Bottom Line

ICE Totally Gaming creators have tailored this event and it is sure to provide all the gaming operators an opportunity to network into the developing economic force in iGaming. Perhaps, the gaming operators of Caribbean and Latin America would be waiting to witness the event and avail a chance to extend their network and quality of gambling services.

Gambling Commission

Gambling Commission Wants Presentation on Online Slots

Gambling has always been mired with a lot of controversy and the like. Huge companies get into trouble regarding games on their casinos. Also many also complain about payments not made on time. There are factors such as proper service, bad customer care services and more that are problematic. There have been cases of websites that promise to offer certain services but end up cheating people, and this leads to a lot of trust issues between the player and the concerned casino. One should always, as a rule, choose a casino that gives the players proper service. One can google the casinos to play at and check their ratings before starting the game or ask a friend who is regular at playing online for a good perspective. Getting cheated in online gambling can pinch everyone and is on the rise.

This being one of the many reasons why intervention is required in online casinos. Only recently the Plainridge Park Casino, which is one of the foremost casinos in the market as of now with a very good reputation, was asked by the Gambling Commission to disclose information about the status of its online games. This has been the recent development because some of the critics believe that the whole gaming business online is pretty deceptive. Some of the critics believe that the slot machines are deceptive, and play a role in cheating people.

Some of the casino officials were also invited to take the discussion on the same topic further. At this meeting, the members of the commission were also invited to intervene and present their views on the matter as well. they will also discuss the side effects and repercussion of social gaming in the future for players.

Stephen P Crosby who is the chairman of the commission also mentions that it is important to discuss these issues upfront rather than have them hanging in the middle. He makes it clear that there are several gaming issues that need to be resolved. Also the gaming phenomenon is taking everyone by storm, and intervention is important at an early stage rather than later. He also expressed the need for members to be clear about social gaming and its side-effects. Furthermore, it is relatively known to everyone that the Gaming Commission has a right over social gambling, a sort of jurisdiction, so to speak. Also, it is imperative for the operations for online casinos to be transparent for further operations. In most cases, online casinos have started offering credits in exchange for money. This essentially means that one can open another level of the game with those credits and not necessarily convert it into money. They can accumulate all the credits and make a leaderboard out of it. Once the levels are opened they can play on those as well. Furthermore, this can create a problem at land-based casinos as they offer a lower payout percentage. Hence, many people get disappointed when they face this dilemma.

Online Gambling

Will Online Gambling be Affected by New American President?

New term of elections are soon going to take place in America. Some people are excited about it while others are worried to think about the effect of the new president on the online casinos. As of now, it is anticipated that things will change if the United States Congress will repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).
Passed in the year 2006, this act actually made a number of gaming developers and online casinos to pull them out of the US market. One of the biggest examples of it is Microgaming, which had to pull back entirely. It is true that this matter is for the Congress but the president has all the powers to push for a legislation regarding this.

Effect of UIGEA on Online Gambling in the USA

While talking about the strength and effect of UIGEA, it is very significant. Right after its introduction, it restricted the credit card companies to receive or transfer money to the online casinos. Due to this, number of online casinos developed a fear of being harassed, arrested and fined. As a result, they made a decision to leave the US gambling market completely. The other issue involved payment of income tax by the online gambling winners on their winnings.

Much before the UIGEA was passed, casinos were not much concerned about taking the taxes from the winners. It was simply due to the fact that majority of the casinos belonged to other nations. At present, the US has become much more focused on keeping a track of the money of those American who put it in other foreign banks.

About the New Legislation

It is true that the new legislation will force the online casinos to take taxes from the winners at the time of withdrawing funds. It may not create a direct force on the foreign entities but it is surely going to affect the American gamblers. These gamblers will then know that their tax liability will be reported.

In addition to this, the process of reporting income at an online casino may prove to be a little tough for you. It is simply because that winner who hit the big amounts usually wins it after losing a sum of money close to that winning amount. This hints at the need of the online casino to keep a close eye on the tabs of wins and losses of every player.

Relaxation of the UIGEA

Talking only about the negative impact of new president on the online gambling would not be fair enough. It is anticipated that if the new president is going to relax the restrictions then it is going to help everyone. The relaxation is then surely going to increase the number of online gamblers, which will further result in increase of the casino revenues. Although the competition among these online casinos is huge, every casino is today trying to entice the gamblers through various promotions and welcome packages. Thus, the new president is likely to affect the online casinos in a better way.

Slot Games for Free

Did You Know That You can Play Slot Games for Free?

Casinos these days have such fun and exciting games to offer that one cannot refuse or resist playing them. If you are beginner, you might have not learnt the ropes of playing them. Hence, you might not spend a lot of money on playing these games. But obviously, you will have the urge of playing them more and more with every passing day. To make the situation a little more favourable, you can try out the free games section that most websites have these days. While some casinos might offer you a trial pack in the beginning when you register, it is my advice to make use of it to the fullest. Once you do that, not only do you have more sense about playing the games, but also have a better idea as to what casino games you should try your hand at. Furthermore, there will be some websites that will offer you free games, but the slot games offered will not be of good quality. Do not play them as they will serve no purpose. Moving on, you should look up The Royal Vegas casino that offers many games for free, and they are a delight to play.

When you log in to the website, you will be enthralled to see a vast array of options to choose from. You can choose whichever game you fancy, and play it for free. If you wish to, after some time, spend some money and play then that option is also available. It is a general trend that is observed in people who are playing or betting for the first time on these online casino sites. They do not want to spend their hard-earned money and not win anything. The best option for them is to indulge in some practice sessions, and the free trial is the best way to go about it. The free trial is called Practice Mode, and you can avail of the facility by logging in to the website. There will be no ads and in-app purchase requests that will bother you when you start playing. They can be highly annoying and can disturb the flow of the game.

Getting started

Well, this is an easy aspect. All you have to do is log in to the website and register yourself. Make an account with the website and use your email address. Click on Practice Mode and that’s about it. And one of the best parts about the facility is the fact that the mode is available on your phone as well. You can either download it or play it online.

Once you have figured out how to make an account and start playing, there are certain things you will notice. And, these are that the quality of the games are superior and worth playing. Also, the kinds of games are exciting and you will not get bored of the variety offered.

Lastly, you can make the switch from the free mode to the pay mode very easily. All transactions are safe and secure.

Virginia Makes DFS Online Betting Legal

Americans have an immense fondness for daily fantasy sports betting, as is seen by the increasing numbers of people who take part in it. However, there is no clear cut law to govern this activity, and this has left the gambling industry in the United States in a state of confusion. The two companies that offer DFS betting in the United States, FanDuel and DraftKings,, have benefited very much from the surge of interest in this activity. However, these companies are now hard pressed to retain the advantages that they have made so far because of the legal grey area that the DFS industry now occupies. In fact, lawmakers in different states are debating this issue because of the size of the industry and the amount of money it has the capacity to mobilize.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s ruling against FanDuel has come as a major problem for the company which has been in business in the state since 2009. As a matter of fact, fantasy sports originated in the Lone Star state more than four decades ago and it has become an extremely popular activity there. However, FanDuel has withdrawn its services in the state based upon the ruling of the Attorney General even though it does not agree with his opinion since it is committed to following the law.

The leading DFS betting operators are preparing to meet with gaming authorities in Nevada in order to clarify certain issues regarding this industry. The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee does have rules that govern the gaming industry, but Governor Brian Sandoval also pointed out that the policies are not yet updated to reflect the realities of industry as it stands at present. The meeting might bring about much needed clarity that will benefit the operators, the state, and also individual customers.

Virginia, on the other hand, has surged ahead of other states when it comes to the issue of DFS gambling by becoming the first state to legalize the business within its borders. The far-sighted ‘Fantasy Contests Act’ was signed into law by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in order to permit residents of the state to take part in daily fantasy sports contests. Fantasy sports operators will now be required to register with the state of Virginia after paying a licensing fee of $50,000 towards oversight costs. Furthermore, there will be controls over DFS operators to ensure that their businesses are managed according to the law.

The companies operating DFS contests in Virginia will have to enforce age verification to prevent underage gambling. These companies are also prevented from giving out confidential information about their customers. Furthermore, operators are required to keep player funds separate from their own operational funds. All employees of these companies, along with their family members, will be prevented from taking part in any contests on a DFS website involving real money. Finally, these companies will also have to face two separate and independent audits every year in order to check whether regulations are being followed.

Earning Bigger and Better

Earning Bigger and Better by Playing Slot Machines

Online gambling has become popular among casino players. This is simply because these games do not require any special skills and knowledge to start with. More than strategies, these games require luck and intelligence. Further, these slot machines work through Random Number Generator, which generates more than hundreds of numbers randomly in one second. Therefore, it becomes quite tough to expect the results. However, this factor adds the thrill and excitement in these slot games.

This article discusses some essential tips that must be kept in mind while playing slot games. Go on reading further to gain more knowledge about it.

Tips to Earn More on Slot Machines

Fewer Reels

Players must try their hands on slots that have fewer reels. This is simply because a player on a slot machine wins only when he/she creates the best winning combinations. When the reels are less, the chances of winning are more. You can get hold of any three-reel game, as numbers of them are present on the online casino websites.

Higher Payout Machines

You must try to always start playing at the machines that offer higher payouts. Slots that are of high denominations offer higher payouts and increase the chances of winning. This simply means that a dollar machine can offer better chances of winning as compared with dime and quarter machines. To know more about it, you can contact the experts of the casino or take help from your fellow players.

Betting on One Pay Line

The experts of casino gaming suggest that betting on one pay line is always beneficial. As a player, you need to match the combination of reels with the pay lines. It simply indicates that probability of winning are much better when the pay lines are more. However, the multiline games may decrease the odds of winning as compared with single line games.

Non-progressive Machines

When compared with progressive machines, non-progressive machines can offer much better chances of winning. It is true that non-progressive ones offer smaller jackpots than the latter but if you want to play safe then they are the best resort. It is always to keep on having smaller wins than to lose the entire game at once.

Rules and Regulations

It is inevitable for a player to go through the table of rules and regulations very carefully. Before you start with any game, you should read the instructions of the casino. It will help you in understanding the payouts, winning combinations and other rules of the game. Further, you will also get to know about the amount of coins and the bets to be placed.

Different Slots

It is always advisable to keep trying different slots, as it can augment your winning chances. There are various slots including Tiki Island, Cleopatra and Zuma just to name a few. Double Bubble slot has outshined all, as it is a 5-reel slot with 20 pay lines and different bonus features.

Therefore, by following all these previously mentioned tips, you can earn big on online slot machines.

3 Major Rules

3 Major Rules of Online Slots Revealed

Are you a big fan of online slot? Thinking about some strategies, rules and tricks of slot games? If yes then you have landed at the right page. Today, a player can get a hold of different types of casino games such as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and many others. Out of all, slot games are a great hit among the players. People who play online slots often get confused with the maximum bet to be placed, pushing the spin button and getting the best winning combinations. However, they must have a clear idea of all and must go through the payout schedule of the game before actually starting with it.

Mentioned below are 3 major rules of playing online slots and expecting the best results.

3 Significant Rules of Online Slots

#1-Placing the Bet

To start with an online slot, you just need to place the bet of the most appropriate amount you want. In traditional machines, players are required to insert the coins in order to start the game. On the other hand, online slots are much simpler to start with. What all you need to do is to press the button to place the bet and then initiate the game. The amount that you have placed in the bet is then deducted from your entire bankroll.

#2-Using Your Mouse

After placing the bet, you just need to make your mouse working. With the help of the mouse, you can just press the ‘spin’ button and see the reels spinning. Players must keep in mind that reels of the slot game never start spinning until the player pushes the button in the most appropriate direction. You must push the button in the right direction in order to create the best winning combinations.

#3-Time to Wait

After you have pushed the button, you need to just sit back and see the reels spinning. This waiting time is the major appeal of the game. It brings excitement, thrill and suspense. It will make you think about the symbols that can be expected, the right combinations and your chances of winning. You will get to know the results only after the reels have stopped spinning.

These simple rules do not only sound easy but are actually very easy. They can help you win but cannot assure your win, as they are operated through Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG generates the numbers randomly, which means that you cannot assure any specific combination. In slot games, all you need to do is to just bet, click and wait.
Players must always try to understand the pay lines of the game, as they are different from one slot to another. In the Double Bubble slot, there are 20 pay lines and players can have the opportunity to enjoy free spin bonus and double bubble bonus features. With the other rules, you must also have the knowledge about bet per line, bet max, hold, bonus deals, promotions and other offers offered by the different casinos.