Where to Play Double Bubble Slot

There are now a number of fantastic gaming sites that you can visit to play Double Bubble slot and this short guide has been written to highlight the best.  They are all operated by the company behind JackpotJoy (gamesys) so you know they will offer the fairest terms and great player support.

Virgin Games

Sun Bingo


Caesars Bingo

Setting Double Bubble Slot to Play Via Auto Play

If you take a good look at the control panel of most if not all online slot games you will see there is a button marked auto play, and you may be wondering what that button does and whether it can help you have a more rounded and enjoyable online slot playing experience!

That button when pressed will then reveal to you a range of option settings which will then allow you to configure that slot to play itself for you automatically, and as such if you ever want a very lay and laid back type of slot playing session where you can sit and watch the slot playing itself then make sure you do click on the auto play button!

Once clicked you then have to set the auto play in a way you want the slot to play automatically. You will of course be able to set the stakes and pay line options and you will then be able to pick out and select just how many spins you want the auto play to play off for you.

However, you can also configure a range for different options such as making the auto play stop playing off your spins a certain win has been spun in of a certain value or when the bonus feature game has been triggered and awarded to you.

You will also have a few other options available to you such as for the auto play to cut off if you lose a certain amount of credits or when a jackpot has been spun in. Do make sure you have a look at what the auto play option settings can do for you when you next choose to play slot games online as there may be a good chance you will find it very useful.

There are however a few different rules and laws in regards to how many spins you can set a sot to play itself with in certain countries of the world, some countries do not have any specific minimum or maximum laws or rules in place.

However, if you are from the UK then be aware that the UK Gambling Commission has decided as part of their responsible gaming policy to only allow slots offered to players in the UK a maximum of 25 spins via the auto play, and as such that will be the maximum number of spins you can play off it you are in Great Britain.

You may or may not want to use the auto play feature when you are next playing slot games online, however if you do fancy sitting back and watching as the slot plays itself then you will need to choose a slot to play!

We can highly recommend a slot game called the Tiki Island slot for that is a fun to play slot offering a large cash jackpot, multiple bonus games and when you play it you will have the added benefit of playing a slot on which there is a huge 99.29% payout percentage!

Once you do master configuring slot games to play using the auto play feature then you will always be able to claim a casino bonus and then set the slots up to play off a certain number of spins for you, and that will allow you to keep track of how much cash you have wagered on those slots.

That will be important for as you are aware all casino bonuses come with play through requirements and as such by using auto play knowing how much you have wagered using your bonus credits will be a whole lot easier, sites powered by Gamesys software by the way often give out the most generous and high valued slot bonuses!

Sports Star Series – Slot Machines for Sports Fans

There has always been a connection between sports and video games. If you enjoy participating in or just watching sporting events then you are sure to have thrills playing digital games with the same theme. Sports fans also have a great time gambling, both in land based casinos and on the internet. As a matter of fact, sports themed slot games are immensely popular with gamblers from all over the world and many large as well as lesser known gaming software developers create them. Sports Star Series is one of the best known collections of slot games with a sports theme.Sports Star Series

The Sports Star Series of slots games is available on many casinos because it has the ability to draw in customers. The games that it consists of are all very exciting and they are made with great attention to detail. The series starts off with the Football Star game which is themed on soccer. This game was launched at the same time as the worldwide football fever on account of the FIFA World Cup. Other sports covered in the series are Ice Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, and Basketball. Incidentally, the rugby game was released just in time to take advantage of the excitement surrounding the Rugby World Championship.

These games have been created by industry leader Microgaming, which has made more than 600 different slot games so far, and they have what it takes to keep a sports-mad gambler busy. These sports themed video slot games can be played for cash or for free. Players who choose the free play option can no doubt have a great time seeing the reel spin but they cannot hope to win any money or participate in exciting promotions.

These exciting video slot games are available on a number of popular gambling sites. Each of the games in this series has five reels and three rows. In all, they give gamblers 243 different opportunities to win money. The games also have attractive features such as cascading wins (when symbols that make up winning combinations vanish from the screen to be replaced by others, thereby increasing the chances of additional wins) and Free Spins. These games have been given high quality graphics and realistic stadium sounds in addition to 3D animation, as a result of which they provide a highly immersive experience. As an added touch, the scatter symbol used in every game is the image of the ball or puck used to play that particular game. The sound effects that accompany a winning combination make one feel like one is in a real stadium!

Themed slots games are incredibly popular with gamblers because they provide an additional level of enjoyment over and above the excitement of winning the game. It is therefore no surprise that gaming software developers work on these types of games instead of making ordinary ones. It will be interesting to see what additional sport the developer adds to this series, given that the existing titles are getting a great deal of play on online casinos.

Remote Gambling Bill Being Kicked into Action

It seems like quite a few countries are deciding to bring online casinos under the radar of late. The latest to join the bandwagon are the Dutch. The online casinos that have been entertaining Dutch players for a while now, might have to pay a higher gambling tax. This is happening because the Remote Gambling Bill is being kicked into action of late by the Dutch coalition.Remote Gambling Bill

It is not now that the Dutch authorities started trying to regulate the online gambling environment, they have been at it for a while now. Only that they were slow at it. And that was so because of the quest to find a tax rate that did justice both to land-based operators as well as online operators. These were the different kinds of possibilities they wanted to contemplate. It does not seem that the new tax proposal is any sort of a compromise and that is so because no kind of distinction is being made between online casinos and the actual casinos. Online casinos can now be be taxed at 29%, which is just as much as their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

A few changes to the Remote Gaming Bill have been made by the members of the ruling parliamentary coalition. One of these changes is the imposition of a uniform tax for gambling. This action will not have any consequence whatsoever on gambling operators that are land-based. Example of the same will be the industry leading Holland Casino, which will remain unchanged whereas on the other hand, the charges levied on online casinos would be much more. For they were supposed to pay a tax of only 20% at the outset.

This poses a potential setback for Dutch players because this tax of only 20% was to egg them on and into applying for a licence. The main folks to benefit from this are the punters of playing at Dutch licensed casinos for now they would get to enjoy a secure environment. The new tax, which is 29% tax will have a damaging effect and will aid only those internationally licensed operators who are competitive when it comes to cost.

The news comes as a shock to many people, mostly the online casinos with great businesses that have been catering to Dutch player for quite a while now. The same sent shockwaves even among those who are interested in applying for a license. However the legislators are insisting and assuring   the companies affected that according to their calculations, the tax rate will be reduced to 25% for all online casinos, three years from now.

We should be able to see in practice that soon enough this will have a two-pronged effect by boosting gambling revenue and bring more money to state coffers. It is unlikely that Tweede Kamer will schedule a vote for the first quarter of 2016 as was initially expected.  These changes will put some breaks in the development of regulating the online industry.

Sponsorships Cut Out as Taxes on Gambling in the Czech Republic Rise

A bunch of changes have been made by the Czech Republic of late regarding the rules involved in the tax regime for online gambling. As expected, the result is such that, the situation looks very dreary for some sports organizations. Many of these directors and chairpersons have been in the news voicing their disappointment and anger regarding the same, calling out on the unprofessional, populist approach of the Czech legislators.Taxes on Gambling

High profile sponsorships have been cancelled by sponsor Czech gambling operator SynotTip. This has been done to stand up against the new gambling tax measures that have been put into action recently.  It was a great shock for the Czech sports organizations to hear about  The SYNOT Group, which is known all over the world as  respected structure of companies working in 13 different countries. Not just this, this company that employs approximately 3, 000 people has now withdrawn its support along with its sponsorship. The same was approved by none other than the Czech government in support of levying tax on winnings from lotteries. In this process sports betting is to be increased from 20 percent to 23 percent and slot machine winnings will be having a 28 percent tax rate. Reports and studies say that during the time of deliberations on the ruling the measure is expected to contribute an estimated 2 billion crowns to the government`s coffers. In the past four years, this increase was the second rate increase to have happened.

Synot Tip has been giving statements regarding the same, saying that all this is due to the sudden increase in taxes in the lottery industry. They have also said explicitly that they will no longer be involved in most of its sponsorship and advertising activities, if not all, when speaking of sports organisations in the Czech Republic. The Director of Synot Tip International Ltd, Neofytos Neofytou, was reportedly appalled by the “unprofessional and populist approach” of the Czech legislators regarding the generation of revenue. Neofytou said that the increased tax would cost the firm, “hundreds of millions of crowns” and so they won’t be able to sustain the any of the activities from then on, any further.

Ivo Valenta , who is the chairman of Cyprus-based parent company of the Synot Tip enterprise, WCV World Capital Ventures Limited said with certain vehemence that it was “not possible” for a foreign company to be able to subsidize business in the Czech Republic. Valenta also quoted to have said that said Synot Tip would be using the very few resources that it was left with after having paid the newly imposed Czech tax in order to support sport in the other countries where lottery operations of these kinds will be conducted. It is to be noted that the withdrawal of support by Synot Tip will mean that they will be putting an end to their four-year deal as the prime sponsor of the Czech Liga top-tier football series.

Bet365 Casino Introduces 5 New Slots for Your Entertainment

Online casino Bet365 has introduced five new video slots with fantasy themes in the New Year 2016. These games are namely Bounty of the Beanstalk, Fairest of Them All, Life of Brian, the Winnings of OZ, and Sinbad’s Golden Voyage. Starting January, all these fairytale theme based slots will be functional.Bet365 Casino

Bounty of the Beanstalk

Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk, this slot game has kind of potential rewards with which not too many other games can compete. This is because along with a progressive jackpot the slot showcases 50 pay lines. You can also avail the Giant’s Treasure bonus round to unlock free spins.

Fairest of Them All

This is the second of the slots to feature a progressive jackpot. Fairest of them all has players that win from the 20 fixed pay lines. The game has six lucrative game modifiers as well as free spins for your benefit. Along with this, there is a bonus round to support the slot.

Life of Brian

Did you know that the British comedy group Monty Python that, in its time had led to the development of the Spamalot slot. Life of Brian is the only other slot that is based on the same great comedy. Again, it is a progressive slot which is nothing short of joy for our customers. The game is a 30-payline slot with 10 bonus features for you to unlock.

The Winnings of OZ

No need to mention the great fairy tale the game is named after and how it has been the favourite of so many of us. With winnings of OZ you can walk through Yellow Brick Road with 25 pay lines. The game has 25-paylines along with free spins and bonus rounds for your entertainment. If you are one of the players who want to unlock the Wizard and Yellow Brick Road bonuses you’ll find great repay value for the same as well.

Sinbad’s Golden Voyage

This fictional hero from the Middle East has won too many hearts in the last few centuries. The slot has six reels instead of five, adding to the magic of Sindbad. You can find a bunch of special features including stacked symbols and free spins in Sinbad’s Golden Voyage

All the above games are brought to you by Bet365 which is one of the top rated UK-based online casinos. It has a player base that spans all over the world and crosses about 6 million.  Bet365 is backed by Playtech software and has a select number of games that come from over 27 game developers only for your entertainment.

One of the reasons for it to do well is that the casino not just gives you a great game and a variety of bonuses, it also consistently delivers a high payout percentages. The games also have low play-through requirements, so the more you play, the higher are your chances of earning more points. This is known as Bet365’s VIP scheme. The user-friendly interface gives you a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.

Lucky Twins, Peek-a-Boo and Untamed Giant Panda – Latest Additions in the Online Slots World!

The coming of online casinos have change the way you gamble for so many of us now. This not the traditional bricks and mortar casino in the city of Las Vegas which you can reach to only on a vacation. The internet has made your favourite sport even available at the tips of your fingers. And quite literally so. Now you can access all casino games from the comfort of your home and even play for as many hours as you please.Online Slots World

It is also certain that if you are someone who has played slots then you most definitely have played at the All Slots Online Casino which is bringing the New Year in by introducing so many new games for you to indulge in and even play yourself sick. These are the two new online slot machine games as well as one new mobile slot machine. These online slots go by the name of Lucky Twins and Peek-a-Boo and the name of the game available for mobile phones is Untamed Giant Panda. The names are surely suggestion enough to get you excited to try all of them out, even if at least once. We’ll go into the details of each one of them so that you may find it difficult to contain yourself.

Lucky Twins Online Slots

The game is made up of a 5-reel online slots with nine paylines that out forward two of the fortunate Chinese twins who are known to bring good fortune to the online casino player. These lovely twins are the ones the game is named after and hence a wild symbol. A teapot which is laid out elegantly is the scatter symbol and apart from that you can find various other colourful symbols from the traditional Chinese culture which includes the lucky cat and the lucky firecrackers, all of which also appear as icon on the reel. And make your game most the most fun activity of your day.

Peek-a-Boo 5-Reel Slots

This one has been around for a while at the All Slots Casino and as one of the popular choice among players. With the New Year, All Slots Casino has brought to the table a bigger and grander version of the game called Peek-a-Boo in a 5-reel incarnation. The game now has four different ghosts and all of them cry Boo! Scaring you and making you laugh at the same time. Their nemesis is the ghost zapper boy who has a ghost-zapping gun. With 40 paylines, special features like Stacked Wilds and Free Spins and 1024 ways to win you cannot be asking for more.

Untamed Giant Panda Mobile Slots

Latest addition to All Slots Mobile Casino, this 5-reel mobile slot machine has 243 ways to win and images of the giant panda in its habitat that are so adorable you’ll want to cry your heart out.

About All Slots Casino gives you the opportunity to have all the fun you want. Established in the year 2001 it has become the choice for thousands for non-stop entertainment.

Best Online Slots for Prospective Casino Operators

The online gambling business is a very good one to be in because this industry is growing at an incredibly fast pace. However, there is also an immense amount of competition in this business, which makes it quite hard for a new operator to turn a profit soon enough and large enough to stay afloat. Casino operators therefore have to take many different factors into consideration before they get into business.

Since slot games make up a very big part of a casino’s revenues, they have to choose these games with a great deal of care, taking the following factors into consideration:

  • The ratio between earnings and costs of the slot game: Slot games do bring in revenues when players wager money on them, but there are also costs associated with them when they pay money out as winnings. It is necessary to monitor this ratio over the long term in order to determine whether the game is worth featuring on the site.
  • The ability of a slot game to attract and retain customers is also very important. A game that brings in revenues at the outset but fails to bring customers back will not help the casino in the long term. In fact, a game can become very unpopular with gamblers if they feel that it just takes away their money without giving anything back in return.
  • Slot games that are part of progressive networks are extremely popular with gamblers because of the lure of big jackpots.
  • The licensing fee of a slot game is also an important factor. It might be cheaper to take multiple games from a single game software developer. In such a case, it is best to choose a company that has a wide range of games on offer so that customers can find lots of exciting games to play. Some gaming companies have a wider catalogue of games than others whereas some have games with really exciting themes.
  • Slot games have different formats according to whether they can be played on the site or have to be downloaded to the player’s computer. It is best to choose an animator who makes games of both formats because customers have very marked preferences when it comes to this. Lots of people avoid downloading gaming software to their computers and mobile devices for fear of infection by malware.
  • There is increasing demand for slot games that can be played on mobile devices because people prefer them to their laptops or PCs. Sites that are not optimized for mobile use will find it increasingly tougher to get customers.
  • The technical support offered by a gaming manufacturer is also extremely important. With so many people gambling on slots, it is absolutely imperative that the games function without any problem and also that the site is up and running without any interruptions. Even a single problem will drive people to look for another site to play on.

As you can see, selecting the best slot game is not a simple task. However, it has to be done very carefully in order to ensure the long term viability of the casino.

Online Gambling – Why are Online Slots so Popular?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many online casinos these days? A quick check n online casinos will show you that there are thousands of these sites available to choose from. The fact is that gamblers are opting to play their favourite games on the intent instead of in brick and mortar numbers, so much so that the online gambling industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the world. When it comes to the games that are played in these casinos, online slots are far more popular than any other category of games. If you’ve ever played slots online then you’ll have an inkling of why they are so popular with other gamblers.

Online Slots so Popular

  • One of the main reasons for the popularity of online slots is that they are incredibly easy to play. There’s really no need to do any planning to play these games because you can just click on the game you think is interesting and start playing by wagering some money on it. Even a person who has never played slots before will be able to figure out how to play it.
  • Online slot games have very high quality of graphics and sound effects that make them immense fun to play. In fact, these games are made by well-known gaming software developers and a lot of effort goes into making them. Online slot games also have far more themes than any other type of gambling game, with developers getting into tie ups with movie studios and comics publishers to create highly interesting games. In addition, the top rated games use award winning software.
  • Many websites offer online slot games absolutely for free as part of their promotional activities. You can have a great time playing these games when you’re in the mood for some free entertainment. You can also click on them when you need to try out a playing strategy or money management technique.
  • The selection of online slot games is normally very wide and you’ll be able to find classic games as well as the latest ones here. There will also be lots of 3-reel and 5-reel games for you to play. You are unlikely to find such a wide selection at a land based casino because floor space is a major constraint there. You can even locate online casinos that feature games from any particular manufacturer.

Since there are so many gambling sites available these days you shouldn’t have a problem in finding your favourite slot game to play. The internet is the perfect medium for online gambling because it gives you the opportunity to play whenever you feel like it and from any place that you happen to be in! Also, you can gamble in absolute privacy and convenience, without having to deal with long queues for the most popular games. Just make sure that you choose a site that is promoted by a reliable and well-known company because you need to protect yourself from cybercriminals. Go ahead and choose well, you’ll have a great time playing slots online!

How to Ace the Art of Gambling at Online Casinos

You’ve heard the fairy tales before. Winning the jackpot and then not being able to fit all the money you have won in your small backpack. While you’re on our trip to Vegas or Atlantic City. You can indeed run into a close situation, even though a lot of it is just the usual hogwash made up by the casinos in the big city. As well as you should know how to play games like the Double Bubble slot, you should also know very well how to win.

Art of GamblingBy now you should be aware that the odds are in favour of the casino each time you sit to play.  Basically that the house is more likely to win when you are out to play at a traditional brick and mortar casino.  This means than you will need more than just a basic skill to make it big in the game. Your strategies need to be in place to win casino games like Double bubble Slot.

Strategies that have been mathematically proven have a higher chance of making you win an average game of Double Bubble Slot. Possibly the only thing you can rely on is what you know and understand of statistics to decide if you should continue with your game or just walk out of it and when the time is right to do the same

Do you also know that there is a huge number of professionals who have dedicated their lives to playing casino games and with constant persistence, made it to the top? Read up on these folks and how they are able to champion casino games. There are books out there such as such as ‘Casino Gambling’ by Jerry Patterson, Eric Nielsen, Christopher Pawlicki and Sharpshooter in case you wish to get some insider tips and other insight that will help you win more frequently.

Be prepared when you set out to make something of your gaming experience. Reading up on the game beforehand is the metaphoric rubbing your palms together and getting some heat into your system.  If you have a basic knowledge of the rules of Double Bubble Slot as well as know how deep the waters are you, meaning that you are aware of your chances of winning from the start. A good way is to first get used to the system by practicing with free slot games or demo games that do not involve money. These games are usually free for download and some can even be installed in phones so you can play on the go.

If you don’t yet know about the ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’ yet, maybe it is time to educate yourself before stepping into the game. The fallacy states that an event that has not happened recently is overdue and therefore more likely to occur. This is one of the big reasons why some more gamblers get caught in a downward spiral. Understand that there is no eventual win in your game if you have consistently lost a few times in a row.

Learn How to Up Your Game on Penny Slots

It is common knowledge that the chances on casino games including slot games like Double Bubble slot are in favour of the casino. Knowing that, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your losses are small and wins are big. Follow a few guidelines for the same. For instance, don’t ever put in more money than you can afford to lose. And in general, exercise caution while you are playing. Penny slots have always been the more exciting slots to play because of the little money you need to play a game so it stands for true value for money.

Penny Slots

The following guidelines will helps you with great payoffs.

Put in only as much money as you’re willing to lose…

We can’t stress on this enough. Although Penny slots will look like they cannot burn a hole in your pocket. It is super easy to get carried away when playing on slot machines such as the Double Bubble Slot. Since the games are quick and easy too, you’ll be playing for hours on end without realising how much time you’ve spent and how many pennies you’ve lost in all the fun. Make sure that you are neither desperate nor euphoric when you are gambling.

Pick machines with a high payout percentage…

Greater payout percentage and greater opportunities for bonus is the way to go when you are picking a game for yourself. What you are doing then is maximizing your profits before spending a penny. When you win a bonus, which is usually indicated by a certain picture that flashes a number of times on the screen and it can help boost your winnings. When you win a  bonus it often means that you can get to play a short sub-game otherwise you could be rewarded with extra winnings.

Play the maximum number of lines offered in the game…

When you are wagering one penny per line, the money you are betting for every round equals the number of lines you are playing. For instance, when betting one penny for every line and when playing one line, you will be charged one penny every spin. But when you are playing 15 lines, it will be you 15 cents for every spin. Your odds for every spin will shoot up while you are wagering the same money for every line. The drawback can be that there are fewer spins, but your chances of winning increase manifold.

When winning, increase your bet. When losing, decrease…

Although most will be able to follow the first step without much trouble, they have a difficult time putting lesser money on the table when they are losing. In fact they end up doing just the opposite. Then again, in the opposite case, you cannot expect to double your winnings by placing a high bet every time. Increasing your bet gradually is the wise way to go.

Change slot machines as frequently as you like…

Not because one machine will give more chances to win than another but because you will have a tendency to maximise your bets out of boredom if you spend too much time on one machine.