SunTide and Wild Orient Slots by Microgaming

Microgaming, one of the most popular gaming developers has now come up with the newest of its slots. Yeah, you can now enjoy the latest SunTide slot and Wild Orient slots. The company has recently launched both these games on March 2nd. Right after the launch, the game has captivated the attention of hundreds of players around the world. Whether you wish to play it on your desktop or on your mobile while you are traveling, you will be able to play it without any hassles.

SunTide and Wild Orient Slots

This piece of writing talks about some of the prominent features of Sun Tide and Wild Orient slots. Read further to acquire complete knowledge about the game.

SunTide Slot

If you like that old-school slot machine style then sun tide slot is the best to start with. This slot game has a bar and other exciting fruit symbols including watermelons and cherries just to mention a few. As a player, you will have to create the winning combinations in the sequence on the five reel of the slot by three-row interface. The best part is that you can expect a low cost experience while playing this game, as the nine pay lines that are to be covered are very affordable.

Microgaming has come up with the idea of using expanding wild on the third reel in place of including those traditional wild symbols. At the time when players hit the three scatter symbols in order to trigger 15 spins, the final feature then appears. No doubt, this slot has much to offer once you have landed up with it.

Wild Orient Slot

For a much more sophisticated slot, you can try your hands at wild orient slot. This slot has the best visual style and is full of adventure. The entire game has been set up with a theme of Chinese jungle with those royal tigers, jumping monkeys and pandas. All these animals add adventure to the game by roaming around in the background. These animals will also feature in game symbols.

You must know that this game has five reels by three-row slot. The probability of winning in this game is high, as it offers almost around 243 ways to make the best winning combinations. Thus, you will not be short of chances to win in this game. Without a doubt, bigger winnings can easily equate with larger winnings here in this slot.

The Bottom Line

Besides the previously mentioned features, both sun tide and wild orient have some features in common. The main similarity is that they both trigger 15 spins with those three scatter symbols. At this point of triggering free spin, every win offers you a 3x multiplier. If you are planning to try these new slots then you can sign up at any online casino that is powered by Microgaming. Gaming Club casino, 7 Sultans casino and Royal Vegas are just few out of many casinos that offer both these slots.

Thus, just sign up at an online casino and start playing these slots!

Impending Merger Between Ladbrokes and Gala Coral to Occur Soon

Ladbrokes and Gala CoralThese days, Gala Coral and Ladbrokes are have captivated the attention of entire media. It is because of their merger that is expected to happen this year. The news earlier revealed that the UK Competitions and Market Authority is going to take its decision regarding the merger in the initial days of 2016 only. In addition to this, the agreement is going through a fast track investigation so that the traditional investigation agenda is accomplished soon and the decision is taken by June 24, 2016.

In the words of Andrea Coscelli

Andrea Coscelli, the executive director of markets and mergers at the Competitions and Markets Authority is the person behind making the final decision regarding the merger. Andrea has recently commented that both Ladbrokes and Gala Coral are the second and third largest bookmakers in the entire nation. They have gained a high customer base and have flourished a lot in the past years. The alliance of both these betting shops is sure to affect the overall competition in the area where their shops overlap with each other.

Andrea has also remarked that in-depth investigation is required in order to analyze even the minutest of details of these bookmakers and their potential competition concerns. Only after investigating the entire details, it will be possible to reach to a perfect decision. To add on, the request of fast track gives the immediate permit to the inquiry group to initiate with the investigation. Thus, it is expected that fast track will speed up the entire process of decision-making.

Success of Gala Coral

Until date, Gala Coral has shown an essential growth of all its retail and online divisions. While talking about the net revenue on the first quarter, it was almost around 333.3 million euros. The amount is as high as up to 16% of the entire period when compared with the same period last year. To add on further, the earnings of Gala Coral was up 14% before amortization, tax, interest and depreciation year-on year to 62.4 million euros.  However, the adjusting results for the effect of regulation meant that the amount has actually increased by 23.1 million euros. While comparing with the results of the previous period, the figure has represented a growth of around 59%. When it comes to Gala Coral’s online enterprise, it has shown the highest growth with EBITDA.

This sector of the company has reflected an increase from 6.6. Million euros to 18.5 million euros and it is a massive growth. However, it does not account for the influence of any regulation. Moreover, generated much higher revenue as compared with the last year. It made almost around 47.6 million euros, which is an increase of 69%. On the other hand, Gala Bingo showed an increase of about 34% in its total revenue while comparing with the last year. Without a doubt, it is a very critical time for Gala Coral to take decision on its merger with Ladbrokes. For sure, the merger is going to prove profitable for both the enterprises in the future.

Employee Embezzles $1 million to Feed Gambling Addiction

Justice has caught up with Auckland office worker Victoria Tanoi who made away with more than $1 million from her employer over a six year period. A self-confessed gambling addict, she used the funds to fuel her habit and was able to get away with her crimes from 2009 till 2015. An employee of Portacom New Zealand, she accessed her company’s and employer’s accounting systems at least 270 different times during this period in order to siphon away money before she was caught. She will spend the next five years in jail.

Feed Gambling Addiction

Portacom New Zealand has sustained a total loss of $1,037,355.28 thanks to the fraudulent actions of Ms. Tanoi who was the company’s receptionist and senior accounts payable clerk. She has refused to pay the company any reparation for her crimes since the money has all been gambled away. However, she will definitely be paying for her crimes and is heading to jail for around five years. Earlier during the court case, she had pleaded guilty to nine different charges, eight of which were for making incorrect entries in a document and the last one was for false accounting.

Interestingly, Ms. Tanoi’s family, including her husband, had absolutely no idea about her gambling addiction. The news of her crime and the subsequent trial came as a major surprise to the family. As a matter of fact, her defence team lead by Joshua Grainger also attempted to protect her family from the consequences of her actions by asking for her name and photograph not to be released to the media. He went so far as to say that some of her family members could be prompted to take their own lives on account of the shame that the publicity could bring.

Rob Ronayne, the judge hearing the case, did not believe that Ms. Tanoi was in any way remorseful for her destructive actions. In fact, he went on to say that she only expressed remorse after her criminal actions had been brought to light and that the motivation for her actions was to take the money for herself, irrespective of what she eventually spent it on. He went on to say that her actions were calculated and premeditated in order to feed her greed.

Ms. Tanoi was accused of abusing her position in the company since she used to regularly pay money into her own account and those of family members instead of into the company’s accounts. Interestingly, this hasn’t been Ms. Tanoi’s first brush with the law. She previously stole approximately $100,000 from her previous employer and was sentenced to a relatively light sentence of hours’ community work as well as nine months’ supervision. She doesn’t seem to have learnt anything from the previous experience since she began stealing money from Portacom just two years after her previous sentencing.

Ms. Tanoi’s legal troubles are far from over. There is a chance that Portacom will take her to court at a later date in order to recover at least part of the money she embezzled from them.

Gambling Makes its Way into the Mainstream With Casino Games Like Double Bubble Slot

There was a time, not too long ago, when gambling was considered to be an unsavoury activity that was best done behind closed doors. Interestingly, society at large hasn’t had a problem with alcohol as is evident from its ubiquity. In fact, one gets to see people drinking in many public places and alcohol is also openly advertised, albeit subject to a number of restrictions. In contrast, gambling shops have always been considered to be dens of vice and their windows have been blacked out so that passersby could not see what was going on inside.

Gambling Makes its Way into the Mainstream

This is now a thing of the past, and gambling has been brought to the mainstream thanks to the changing social behaviour and the lack of sufficient government controls. This is especially true of the United Kingdom, where one might be excused for thinking that gambling is the country’s official sport! Online gambling shops are at the forefront of this transformation and the result is that the industry has been able to grow unfettered. The message that the onlooker gets from the wall-to-wall advertising is that gambling is a great deal of fun and that one can win a whole lot of money effortlessly through it.

It goes without saying that people have to take advertising with a pinch of salt, especially when it makes very tall claims about helping people get rich really quick. Betting is no doubt an exhilarating experience but one has to be advised that the only people who make money off it consistently are the betting companies themselves. After all, that’s the only reason they are in business!

Consider the example of the famous writer Martin Amis. A self-confessed gambling addict who used to visit betting shops on a daily basis, he forced himself to curb his desire when he realized that the people visiting these shops were steadily getting poorer instead of richer. Even if one were to get lucky occasionally (and there are plenty of stories about people who became multi millionaires after winning a wager), the vast majority of gamblers lose their money or they simply make just enough to cover their losses.

An interesting, and particularly disturbing, feature about gambling advertising is that it tends to target sports fans. In fact, the people targeted by these ads tend to be young men and they are being told in these ads that watching sports isn’t enough unless one wins a bit of money by betting on the outcome or on even if the match is a goalless one! A lot of purists would argue that the emphasis on gambling takes away from the enjoyment of the game since sports fans now spend more time checking the gambling odds instead of enjoying the game.

Another cause of worry is that gambling might bring about a lot of corruption in sport, as has happened in many instances. It is very clear to see that gambling is an activity that has to be regulated so as to avoid problems such as impoverishment and even suicide.

Where to Play Double Bubble Slot

There are now a number of fantastic gaming sites that you can visit to play Double Bubble slot and this short guide has been written to highlight the best.  They are all operated by the company behind JackpotJoy (gamesys) so you know they will offer the fairest terms and great player support.

The top 5 Sites with Double Bubble Slot

Heart Bingo – Deposit £10 Get £50

StarSpins – Deposit £10 Play With £30 + £40 Free Play

Virgin Games – Get 200% Free up to £200

JackpotJoy – 250% Welcome Bonus

How to Play Double Bubble

Setting Double Bubble Slot to Play Via Auto Play

If you take a good look at the control panel of most if not all online slot games you will see there is a button marked auto play, and you may be wondering what that button does and whether it can help you have a more rounded and enjoyable online slot playing experience!

That button when pressed will then reveal to you a range of option settings which will then allow you to configure that slot to play itself for you automatically, and as such if you ever want a very lay and laid back type of slot playing session where you can sit and watch the slot playing itself then make sure you do click on the auto play button!

Once clicked you then have to set the auto play in a way you want the slot to play automatically. You will of course be able to set the stakes and pay line options and you will then be able to pick out and select just how many spins you want the auto play to play off for you.

However, you can also configure a range for different options such as making the auto play stop playing off your spins a certain win has been spun in of a certain value or when the bonus feature game has been triggered and awarded to you.

You will also have a few other options available to you such as for the auto play to cut off if you lose a certain amount of credits or when a jackpot has been spun in. Do make sure you have a look at what the auto play option settings can do for you when you next choose to play slot games online as there may be a good chance you will find it very useful.

There are however a few different rules and laws in regards to how many spins you can set a sot to play itself with in certain countries of the world, some countries do not have any specific minimum or maximum laws or rules in place.

However, if you are from the UK then be aware that the UK Gambling Commission has decided as part of their responsible gaming policy to only allow slots offered to players in the UK a maximum of 25 spins via the auto play, and as such that will be the maximum number of spins you can play off it you are in Great Britain.

You may or may not want to use the auto play feature when you are next playing slot games online, however if you do fancy sitting back and watching as the slot plays itself then you will need to choose a slot to play!

We can highly recommend a slot game called the Tiki Island slot for that is a fun to play slot offering a large cash jackpot, multiple bonus games and when you play it you will have the added benefit of playing a slot on which there is a huge 99.29% payout percentage!

Once you do master configuring slot games to play using the auto play feature then you will always be able to claim a casino bonus and then set the slots up to play off a certain number of spins for you, and that will allow you to keep track of how much cash you have wagered on those slots.

That will be important for as you are aware all casino bonuses come with play through requirements and as such by using auto play knowing how much you have wagered using your bonus credits will be a whole lot easier, sites powered by Gamesys software by the way often give out the most generous and high valued slot bonuses!

Tips to Gamble on Your Mobile Phone and Play Casino Games Like Double Bubble Slot

Playing slots online is definitely very entertaining and fun. You do not have to make a trip to the casino, all you need is a good internet connection and a laptop. But, carrying a laptop around is also a difficulty as it can be cumbersome. There is another option which you can explore and that is playing games and gamble on your mobile phone. Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone that has a good screen and amazing high-definition quality. If you have a working internet connection on the device, you can easily play casino games like Double Bubble slot on it without even logging on to your computer. Having a Wi-Fi connection greatly helps in this scenario.

Many online casinos offer apps of their games on the smartphone. You can download the mobile version of the casino and play all the games that are listed on the website. Slotland is one such casino website that offers games on your phone.  Gamble on Your Mobile Phone

Popular Mobile Slots at Slotland

Some of the most famous online slots are Tikal Treasure, Turbo GT, Fruit Mani and more. They are fun to play and very addictive. There are about a dozen of these enjoyable slots available on the casino website. You can try playing all of them and then decide which ones suits your taste the most. Here we look at some of them in greater detail.

Fruit Mania

With 15 pay lines and 5 reels, Fruit Machine is a popular slot game among audience members. The slot game is a treat for the eyes as it has colourful symbols sprung on the screen. This feature makes it attractive and fun to play. You have an assortment of cherries and bells that add a certain flavour to your game-playing experience. Some of the features that make the game worthy of playing is the bonus rounds and the multipliers. These symbols are usually triggered when opens up several interesting winning combinations. This slot game might also fetch you the progressive jackpot.

Double Luck

Double Luck is also a fun and interactive game that offers about 9 pay lines and 5 reels. Some of the symbols in the game are very fun-filled and engaging. It is a simple slot game to play with a maximum bet of $4.

Tikal Treasure

Tikal Treasure is also a very exciting video slot to play. It has 25 pay lines and has 5 reels. The game has a very mystic feel and it has several interesting symbols such as the Sun God, tribal mask, and some Mayan symbols. It also has a very interesting wild symbol that is called the Quetzalcoatl. You need five of these to have a max bet.

Turbo GT

This video slot is exciting and has 5 reels and 11 pay lines. Car lovers would be addicted to the game as that is the theme. Some fun symbols in the game include a Trophy, a helmet, speed-meter and more. The wild and scatter symbols are also great in terms of their availability. Overall, this video slot is out of the box and very immersive.