The Growing Trend of Internet Gambling in Africa

The internet gambling has reached to almost every part of the world. This time, it is emerging in Africa. At present, it would not be possible to measure the exact progress of internet gambling in this nation, but it has reached to a level to conduct its own event in Lagos, Nigeria. According to the reports of Clarion Events, a conference is being organised on the potential of gambling on this continent.

Internet Gambling in AfricaIn the Words of Curtis Roach

Curtis Roach is the senior events producer at Clarion Events. During an interview with Venture Beat, he remarked that his company is conducting WrB Africa Event in Lagos. This is done in order to explore the range of internet gambling in the country. The event will analyze how big gambling can go in this oil-rich area of Nigeria. He further added that Nigeria is often associated with its governmental issues but the nation is in progress today.

Roach clearly said that this nation has become the leader in the market with a bag full of investment dollars. Until date, various reforms have happened and some are yet to take place. However, he remarked that it is quite impossible to comment clearly on the size of the market. Nonetheless, it is true that the concerned team is doing thorough research on it. Nigeria is definitely a leader as compared with other regions, Roach said.

About WrB Africa

Aimed at discovering the various possible opportunities of internet gambling in Africa, the WrB Africa is the very first summit to be held in Africa. It is going to encourage gambling within the regulatory framework, which is expected to generate a viable gaming industry in the region of Nigeria. Since, it is the first ever summit, it is of smaller nature. The event has targeted only around 150 to 200 people and is much smaller as compared with other gambling events in the US or Europe.

Speakers at the Event

There were number of speakers at the event. Lanre Gbajabiamila, CEO of the Lagos State Lottery Board (LSLB) gave a keynote session while other speakers included Edward Lalumbe, chief operating officer of the Gauteng Gambling Board; John Kamara, director of Global Gaming Africa; Matthias Jacek Wojdyla, head of international affairs at FIFA and Tarimba Abbas, director general of the Tanzania Gaming Board.

In his speech, Gbajabiamila showed his optimism about the progress of internet gambling in Lagos, Nigeria. He said that the gaming industry of this state is continuously evolving and expanding with every passing day. Besides this, other states are also being aware of the opportunities available in the gaming industry.

The Bottom Line

It is true that Africa is gaining a lot with the access of internet. In fact, the Africa Internet Group has recently raised around $327 million. The funds were collected from various investors such as Rocket Internet, African telecom company, French insurance company and Goldman Sachs. The company’s entire valuation ended at $1.1 billion. Therefore, it shows that the nation is growing and achieving great success in the field of entertainment.

The Status of Daily Fantasy Games in the United States

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is still facing an issue regarding its legality in the city of New York. DraftKings and FanDuel, the major online gambling websites operate a great range of DFS games. However, The question is whether these games are just another form of gambling or they rely on the gamer’s knowledge and skill.

Status of Daily Fantasy GamesFantasy Contests Act

The governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, signed the Fantasy Contests Act earlier. This act provides a legal framework for all kinds of fantasy sports that are operating in the state of Virginia. Without a doubt, Virginia is the first state of the US that has legalized the fantasy sports and have shown interest in providing consumer protection measures.

In fact, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provide an extra oversight to ensure every consumer stays protected while playing fantasy sports. In addition to this, all the DFS operators have been asked to register themselves with the state and pay a license fee in order to operate legally.

In the Words of Chris Eaton

The executive director sport integrity at the ICSS, Chris Eaton mentioned in a comment that the USA’s Virginian Legislature decision has recognized so-called fantasy sports as another form of sports betting that requires rules. He said that it shows at least partial sanity to call it a form of betting. Eaton looked hopeful and remarked that it will save the state from corruption.

He added that the state of the USA is actually a mixed bag when it comes to sports betting. Out of these sports betting games, most of them are illegal. However, fantasy sports betting sites are trying their own tricks in an attempt to get around the ban of sports betting in the state. No doubt, this legal hide and seek game is just because the sports betting bring in great revenue to the state.

He further said that the legislators in India, China and USA possess the key to become a barrier in sports betting from crime. They further take the maximum amount of money through match fixing. The Virginia bill includes the duty of the DFS sites to verify that all players are above 18 years of age. It also prevents the sharing of any personal information that can affect the game.

The View of Griffin Finan

Griffin Fanan, Director of Public Affairs for DraftKings, mentioned that Virginia has successfully become the first state to provide protection to the right of fantasy sports players. Further, he thanked the governor, Auliffe for his amazing leadership skills. He expects that other states in the US will also follow the Virginia’s lead in this regard. In addition to this, he ensures that his team is going to continue the active work in order to replicate the victory with various legislatures.

The attorney general of New York even argued that fantasy games are nothing but gambling and can be manipulated by the operators. As of now, some officials call fantasy sports an organized criminal activity while some support it openly. The legalization of these sports in the entire US is yet to be witnessed.

Slot Games for the Die-Hard Sports Fan

Slot games come in a wide range of themes to suit almost any temperament or interest. If you are crazy about sports (and slot games too) then why don’t you give a few sports themed slot games a try? You’ll find that there are quite a few of these games on the internet and also that all the main gambling sites feature them simply because there is great demand for this genre of games. However, the Royal Vegas online casino has exceptionally good sports themed slot games, out of the 600+ fabulous games that it offers. The site is immensely popular on account of its wide range of games, attractive odds and very good prizes. Moreover, it is a very safe place to gamble since it uses the latest software to ensure that all transactions are secure.

Die-Hard Sports Fan

In case you are keen to play sports themed slot games on the Royal Vegas online casino then why don’t you give the following a try:

Basketball Star

No other game can give you the court side feel of this one thanks to its fabulous sound effects; you’ll hear loud cheers whenever you win! The symbols used in the game include basketball players, drink bottles, trainers and the like. This is a 5 reel slot game on which you can win in 243 different ways. The game has plenty of free spins and also a multiplier trail on which you could possibly multiply your win by 10. This game is from Microgaming, which means that you can expect very high standards.


This football themed game is also from Microgaming and it can keep fans of the sport busy for ages. The game features a line up of football greats including Maradona, Cryuff, “the Kaiser” Beckenbauer and Best. This is a 5-reel and 50-pay line game that also has features such as scatter symbol and wild symbol in addition to a big jackpot.

Golden Tour

This Playtech game is themed around the game of golf and it has attractive visuals and sound effects that make you feel like you’re actually on a golf course. This game has 5 reels and 5 pay lines, and it also has very interesting features that increase your options to win money.

Centre Court

This, as the name indicates, is themed around the sport of tennis. There are 9 pay lines here and there are also plenty of multipliers, wilds and free spins to keep you excited and winning money. Moreover, this game is really very simple to play, even by the standards of slot machines.


If you are a fan of boxing then this is absolutely the best slot game to try. Made by Playtech, this game is based on the Stallone film of the same name. You’ll really enjoy the Knockout Bonus feature that plays out on the second screen because whenever Rocky knocks out the baddies such as Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed in that feature, the size of your bonus will increase.

888poker Renews its Gambling Rewards Programme

The online gambling business is extremely competitive and it is also a very crowded marketplace with lots of companies joining in to take the place of others that have quit it. It goes without saying that companies have to come up with different ways to stay ahead of their competitors. While companies try to offer a wide range of exciting games in addition to good customer service, most companies tumble over each other to offer attractive bonus and loyalty programmes to their customers. As a matter of fact, these loyalty programmes are extremely effective because they help attract new customers and retain old ones. Furthermore, they help to maintain the customer’s interest levels in any particular gambling activity.


Different sites have their own loyalty programmes and there are also programmes that are shared by multiple sites. What they have in common is that they cover different products offered by sites. The best loyalty programmes also have multiple levels in order to reward people who gamble a lot more money than others. Players can advance from one level to another based upon how much money they gamble in a fixed period, and they can earn rewards accordingly. Most of these programmes give members up to three months in which to get points to move to another level, which most people find to be more than enough.

Highly popular poker website 888poker has given out details about the changes it has made to its loyalty programme. The programme, already quite a popular one to start with, has been redesigned in order to give the website an increased competitive advantage. The biggest difference is that the loyalty programme which used to have a rake back system now will have a multiple level system with many challenges to make things more exciting and rewarding. Known as 888poker Club, its members will get rewards points whenever they complete certain challenges while playing not just poker but also casino games and the site’s sportsbook.

Members of the existing loyalty club of 888poker have nothing to worry about since the website will honour all of its existing commitments to them, and they are assured of getting their cash back. Members of the site’s current rewards programme get cash back on an annual basis and many of them would have accumulated a lot of money by now. The site went public to assure its existing customers that all its commitments to them would be honoured even as the new programme would be rolled out. All their points that they have managed to collect as part of the existing rewards programme will be transferred as an equal value of Gold Tokens in the new programme.

The 888poker Club is scheduled to be launched on the 28th of March 2016 and it has managed to generate a fair amount of excitement since players are always on the lookout for a great deal. It seems very likely that the gambling site will continue to do a lot of business thanks to its new and improved rewards programme.

Understand the Different Types of Slot Machines

Slot games are great fun to play because you can, in theory, win a great deal of money on the basis of a rather small wager. These games are also so easy and fun to play that you can keep going for ages. If you want to increase your chances of winning then you’ll find the following information very useful.

Different Types of Slot Machines

Irrespective of whether you play them on online or land based casinos, slot machines have very different types of gameplay, and you can even find different payout models which are static (straight) or progressive. While a static machine has a pre-determined jackpot amount, a progressive machine’s jackpot will keep climbing since each player’s wagers adds to the total amount. Needless to say, these games are extremely interesting because the prizes can amount to many millions of pounds.

Straight Slot

These slot games include multiple pay lines, multiplier, bonus multiplier, wildcard, hybrid, and buy-a-pay machines. Multiplier fixed slots can have multiple pay lines, extra symbols, and even multiplier bonuses. Wildcard machines give you a fairly decent chance of winning since the wildcard symbol can be used in place of any other symbol to make a winning combination. Buy-a-pay games have more payout tables than regular games and you can also place additional bets, therefore they tend to be costly. Hybrid games contain elements of these different formats and hence they are quite exciting.

Progressive Slot

Most progressive slot games have three or five reels and they are either standalone or linked. Linked slot games can be connected to slot games in the same casino whereas global progressive slot games are linked via internet to a much larger ring of slot games. It is fairly obvious, therefore, that standalone machines have the smallest jackpots. However, these machines tend to give out very frequent wins. The global progressive slot games don’t give out wins very frequently but they are great fun to play because of the anticipation of a huge win. What’s more, these games also have quite a few options to win, over and above the jackpot.

Numerous Slot Games Available

There are so many types of slot games available to choose from since the gaming software developer companies create games of all types. There are 5-reel and 3-reel slot games in addition to video slots and 3D slots. Slot games are also classified based upon their risk. Low variance games have low risk but they also have higher returns. There are also medium and high variance games available. Most of the popular games these days have bonus rounds and other attractive bonus features that will help you get a lot more excitement from the game. Slot games these days also have unique themes that add to your enjoyment.

Payout Percentages

All online slot games have a pre-determined Return to Player rate which indicates how much you can expect to win back from them in the long term. While there is no guarantee that you will get the money back, it certainly is a fair indication of how much to expect. It is best to play a game that is as simple as possible because this offers the best odds for winning.