Virginia Makes DFS Online Betting Legal

Americans have an immense fondness for daily fantasy sports betting, as is seen by the increasing numbers of people who take part in it. However, there is no clear cut law to govern this activity, and this has left the gambling industry in the United States in a state of confusion. The two companies that offer DFS betting in the United States, FanDuel and DraftKings,, have benefited very much from the surge of interest in this activity. However, these companies are now hard pressed to retain the advantages that they have made so far because of the legal grey area that the DFS industry now occupies. In fact, lawmakers in different states are debating this issue because of the size of the industry and the amount of money it has the capacity to mobilize.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s ruling against FanDuel has come as a major problem for the company which has been in business in the state since 2009. As a matter of fact, fantasy sports originated in the Lone Star state more than four decades ago and it has become an extremely popular activity there. However, FanDuel has withdrawn its services in the state based upon the ruling of the Attorney General even though it does not agree with his opinion since it is committed to following the law.

The leading DFS betting operators are preparing to meet with gaming authorities in Nevada in order to clarify certain issues regarding this industry. The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee does have rules that govern the gaming industry, but Governor Brian Sandoval also pointed out that the policies are not yet updated to reflect the realities of industry as it stands at present. The meeting might bring about much needed clarity that will benefit the operators, the state, and also individual customers.

Virginia, on the other hand, has surged ahead of other states when it comes to the issue of DFS gambling by becoming the first state to legalize the business within its borders. The far-sighted ‘Fantasy Contests Act’ was signed into law by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in order to permit residents of the state to take part in daily fantasy sports contests. Fantasy sports operators will now be required to register with the state of Virginia after paying a licensing fee of $50,000 towards oversight costs. Furthermore, there will be controls over DFS operators to ensure that their businesses are managed according to the law.

The companies operating DFS contests in Virginia will have to enforce age verification to prevent underage gambling. These companies are also prevented from giving out confidential information about their customers. Furthermore, operators are required to keep player funds separate from their own operational funds. All employees of these companies, along with their family members, will be prevented from taking part in any contests on a DFS website involving real money. Finally, these companies will also have to face two separate and independent audits every year in order to check whether regulations are being followed.

Earning Bigger and Better by Playing Slot Machines

Online gambling has become popular among casino players. This is simply because these games do not require any special skills and knowledge to start with. More than strategies, these games require luck and intelligence. Further, these slot machines work through Random Number Generator, which generates more than hundreds of numbers randomly in one second. Therefore, it becomes quite tough to expect the results. However, this factor adds the thrill and excitement in these slot games.

This article discusses some essential tips that must be kept in mind while playing slot games. Go on reading further to gain more knowledge about it.

Tips to Earn More on Slot Machines

Fewer Reels

Players must try their hands on slots that have fewer reels. This is simply because a player on a slot machine wins only when he/she creates the best winning combinations. When the reels are less, the chances of winning are more. You can get hold of any three-reel game, as numbers of them are present on the online casino websites.

Higher Payout Machines

You must try to always start playing at the machines that offer higher payouts. Slots that are of high denominations offer higher payouts and increase the chances of winning. This simply means that a dollar machine can offer better chances of winning as compared with dime and quarter machines. To know more about it, you can contact the experts of the casino or take help from your fellow players.

Betting on One Pay Line

The experts of casino gaming suggest that betting on one pay line is always beneficial. As a player, you need to match the combination of reels with the pay lines. It simply indicates that probability of winning are much better when the pay lines are more. However, the multiline games may decrease the odds of winning as compared with single line games.

Non-progressive Machines

When compared with progressive machines, non-progressive machines can offer much better chances of winning. It is true that non-progressive ones offer smaller jackpots than the latter but if you want to play safe then they are the best resort. It is always to keep on having smaller wins than to lose the entire game at once.

Rules and Regulations

It is inevitable for a player to go through the table of rules and regulations very carefully. Before you start with any game, you should read the instructions of the casino. It will help you in understanding the payouts, winning combinations and other rules of the game. Further, you will also get to know about the amount of coins and the bets to be placed.

Different Slots

It is always advisable to keep trying different slots, as it can augment your winning chances. There are various slots including Tiki Island, Cleopatra and Zuma just to name a few. Double Bubble slot has outshined all, as it is a 5-reel slot with 20 pay lines and different bonus features.

Therefore, by following all these previously mentioned tips, you can earn big on online slot machines.

3 Major Rules of Online Slots Revealed

Are you a big fan of online slot? Thinking about some strategies, rules and tricks of slot games? If yes then you have landed at the right page. Today, a player can get a hold of different types of casino games such as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and many others. Out of all, slot games are a great hit among the players. People who play online slots often get confused with the maximum bet to be placed, pushing the spin button and getting the best winning combinations. However, they must have a clear idea of all and must go through the payout schedule of the game before actually starting with it.

Mentioned below are 3 major rules of playing online slots and expecting the best results.

3 Significant Rules of Online Slots

#1-Placing the Bet

To start with an online slot, you just need to place the bet of the most appropriate amount you want. In traditional machines, players are required to insert the coins in order to start the game. On the other hand, online slots are much simpler to start with. What all you need to do is to press the button to place the bet and then initiate the game. The amount that you have placed in the bet is then deducted from your entire bankroll.

#2-Using Your Mouse

After placing the bet, you just need to make your mouse working. With the help of the mouse, you can just press the ‘spin’ button and see the reels spinning. Players must keep in mind that reels of the slot game never start spinning until the player pushes the button in the most appropriate direction. You must push the button in the right direction in order to create the best winning combinations.

#3-Time to Wait

After you have pushed the button, you need to just sit back and see the reels spinning. This waiting time is the major appeal of the game. It brings excitement, thrill and suspense. It will make you think about the symbols that can be expected, the right combinations and your chances of winning. You will get to know the results only after the reels have stopped spinning.

These simple rules do not only sound easy but are actually very easy. They can help you win but cannot assure your win, as they are operated through Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG generates the numbers randomly, which means that you cannot assure any specific combination. In slot games, all you need to do is to just bet, click and wait.
Players must always try to understand the pay lines of the game, as they are different from one slot to another. In the Double Bubble slot, there are 20 pay lines and players can have the opportunity to enjoy free spin bonus and double bubble bonus features. With the other rules, you must also have the knowledge about bet per line, bet max, hold, bonus deals, promotions and other offers offered by the different casinos.

Get the Most Wins at Some of the Best Online Casinos

All those players who have been looking for the best place to play slot machines must read this further. Both video poker and slot machines have varied chances of winning the big jackpot. You must consider the fact that your location of playing does affect your winnings. It can influence your overall return almost by 80%, which means that you need to be very specific while choosing the location to play the slot games like Double Bubble Slot. Further, you must be choosy when it comes to playing the different slot games, as they all have different chances of winning.

Truth about small casinos

If you are the one who usually visits smaller casinos to try out different new slots then you must be aware about their facts. Since smaller casinos have less space, they keep fewer slot machines. As a result, the winning chances in these casinos are very less. You cannot expect to hit the highest jackpot much often in smaller casinos. This simply means that the number of slot machines in a casino directly affects your chances of winning.

However, the positive aspect of these smaller casinos is that you have better chances here. To understand this, it is important to mention that slot machines in smaller casinos give offer smaller payoffs often. While talking about Wide Area Progressive (WAP) machines, they are linked with various other machines in the other casinos. However, it all happens within the same state. Whether you play it one casino or another, the chances of winning or losing in these machines are always the same.

Competition in casino industry

With the increasing interest of the people in casino gaming, the casino industry is booming high. As a result, the competition here is very tough. The big casinos always attempt to captivate the attention of the players by introducing more bonus deals and promotional offers. Therefore, they have better chances to attract the players who use WAP jackpots. The players are since attracted to the giant jackpots, they prefer playing at the big casinos only. However, they do not realize the fact that the smaller casinos have better chances of making smaller wins more frequently.

The fact is that bigger casinos have more money so they are in a position to pay higher. Although these casinos offer easy chances to hit the jackpot but they hardly offer smaller payouts. They try to make the best of the player’s bets and earn as much profits as they can. It is true that as an owner of a small casino, you cannot compete with the bigger casinos and the bigger jackpots that they offer. Therefore, the one think you can do is to offer smaller payouts to the players very frequently. When players will keep getting rewards more often, they will stick to the smaller casino only.

Therefore, you must understand where to play the slot machines. For highest wins, you may visit a bigger casino but for consistent small wins, smaller casinos are the best.

The World of Online Casino Slots

With the Internet, casinos have become the favourite pastime for many gamers. Once, these same players used to line-up in front of the casinos and play there. Now, the scenario has changed completely. Many of them prefer to stay at home and play in online casinos. They offer virtually every game, and even more to the players. From blackjack and roulette to poker and slots, you can find any game you want in the casinos. But, since a very long time, online slots have become very popular. There are many reasons why. The biggest one is that you don’t need any prior knowledge to play slots. All you need is a good Internet connection and some common sense. Once you understand the basic rules about the game, you can easily start playing the game well.

Earlier you could play slots only in casinos. Now, you have the option of playing it online. Back in the days, there used to be just three reels and now you have the option of about nine to 30 reels. You can try out Double Bubble video slot as it offers a perfect blend of fun and entertainment. Not only do you have amazing bonus rounds but also a great first-time deposit round.

Many people prefer online games as compared to their offline counterparts. The reason being that the online ones are more convenient and have less on stake. There are certain websites that offer a free trial. If you are just starting out, then you can utilise this scheme and learn the ropes. Once you find that you are confident enough to invest money in the game, then go ahead.

You might want to do a fair bit of research before choosing a game to your liking. Read reviews online and you will be able to distinguish the good ones from the bad. Some online slot games, such as Double Bubble video slot have great graphics and visual quality. Make sure the website has details that are clear and without fuss. Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up. You also might want to read the payment options and decide which ones suit you the best.

You also might want to know about the jackpots that these games offer. One has to bet all the coins at the maximum value to play for the jackpot. Once you win, the payouts are enormous. The fun doesn’t end here. There are progressive jackpots as well. These are linked to more machines than one, hence the amount in the end is multiplied several times over. Here again, the rule of betting max applies. As compared to offline slots, online slots offer a better payout percentage. This is another reason why people prefer online slots more. Double Bubble video slot offers great payout packages. They also have weekly and monthly promotions with an amazing VIP lounge wherein you get more special services. You might want to give it a try and see it for yourself.

Top 5 Benefits of Playing Casino Slots Online

Online casino slots have become extremely popular these days due to their easy access and attractive rewards. Today, you can get hold of various online casinos on the internet. Just make sure that you sign up only at the authentic and licensed casino in order to prevent any misfortunes later. However, if you are still looking for some good reasons or benefits of playing slots online then go through the following.

Top 5 Benefits to Play Online Casino Slots


The online casino slots have made it convenient for the players to try out slots and win huge cash. The most fascinating feature is that one can enjoy playing these online slots within the comforts of your home. Yes, you can just sit back and play the games. You just need to have your own computer system and internet connection. In addition to this, it also saves your money that you usually spend in travelling to any casino, parking and buying drinks.

#2-Array of Games

Online casinos are all about variety of online slots and bonus deals. The rising competition in the online gaming world has made every casino to come up with the newest games and the best deals for the players. You can choose from a variety of slots like Dracula slot, Shifting Riches, Tiki Island slot and many more. Out of all, Double Bubble slot is the one that has a bonus feature of doubling up the winning amount and offering 10 free spins to the players. The scatter and wild symbols of this slot are another attraction.


Without a doubt, you can play online slots whenever you wish to. These online casinos are internet based so; a player can get an access to these at any point of time. Therefore, you can play or wager according to your availability and preference.

#4-Easy to Play

Since these online slots do not require any professional skills, they are very easy to play. If at all and at any time, you find any difficulties playing the game, the instructions provided by the site can help you. Moreover, the interface of these games makes it easier for the players to play the games without any hassles. Even new players who are trying the online slots for the first time can easily play the games.

#5-Jackpots and Bonuses

If you think that a land-based casino offers better jackpots than the online ones then you must read this. The online slots offer much higher jackpots, as they do not have to pay any rent for slot machine or any maintenance charges. Their only focus is to improve the gaming experience of the players by rendering them better bonus deals and higher jackpots. They even offer free welcome bonus to the player who sign up for the first time.

Therefore, if you are still stick to those traditional casinos, it is the time to try the wonders of online casino gaming. It is sure that you are going to have the ultimate gaming experience!

Scientific Games Slots Event Set To Return To Las Vegas

scientific games logoThe American gaming services provider Scientific Games has announced the return of their Shuffle Master Classic event which enjoyed a successful inauguration last year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event is used to help promote SG’s Shuffle Master series of poker games and is set down to take place at the Venetian on September 26, 2016, in conjunction with the Global Gaming Expo which will also be taking place at the same time.

The event will culminate in the Three Card Poker National Championship which will see the top seven players sharing a $250,000 prize pool, with the ultimate winner taking home $100,000 in cash themselves.  The company is known for producing the Secrets of the Phoenix slot, among others.

Qualification for the Shuffle Master Classic will take place across 219 participating casinos in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, from now through to August 31.

To qualify for the event players will need to hit what is known as a “classic hand”, being either a five card royal flush or a six card straight flush depending on what type of poker game is being played at the time.

Comment From Scientific Games

Mr Roger Snow, who acts in the position of Senior Vice President of table and utility products at Scientific Games, has said that the event and its associated qualifying process is a great promotional tool for Scientific Games as well as all of the participating casinos which will be involved.

Mr Snow is also of the opinion that players will enjoy the experience of being involved with the Shuffle Master Classic which in itself builds upon SG’s involvement in the gaming industry for the last 33 years.

It Pays to be Alert and Smart While Playing Online Slot Games

Most of the professional players have a dream of playing slots and then winning big. It might seem a far-fetched dream, but actually it is true. You can win a lot by playing slots the correct way. Now, you don’t even have to visit the land-based casino to get your hands on a slot machine. You can just search for these casino websites online. We recommend Double Bubble video slot game as it is fun, engaging and entertaining. The first-time deposit bonus and the various promotions are wonderful. You have to accept the fact that slots has a lot to do with luck, but being a little smart and knowing certain tactics will immensely help you in the long run.

Here some tips that might come in handy while playing the game.

Know when to stop playing

Many people go overboard with playing slots. You should always keep a check on the time and money that you are investing into the game. Getting addicted to the game will not serve you or anybody well. If you think that you have spent a great deal of time online or at the casino, it is better to stop and go back home.

Money management

Keep separate accounts for casino money and household money. By doing this you will be clear on how much to spend while gambling. You have to make sure that you do not take out money from the household account and use it for gambling. This will not serve any purpose. In the end, you might lose more money and end up in a difficult situation than before. It is understandable that you might want to try again and again to hit the jackpot in the hope of winning big. At some point you have to be content with the fact that online slot games are also based on luck and that sometimes you have to step back and leave.

Establish achievable goals

Suppose you start playing on a slot machine and decide to spend $30. Now, on this amount you wish to make around $25,000. This does not seem like a very realistic goal. You might, on the contrary, win about $130. You get a return on 30 per cent and that is good enough. Do not be greedy and play more. Take that money and head home. You do not want to lose more money than you intend to spend.

Keep alternating your slot machine

It is important to keep changing the machine you are playing in. This is important as being stuck in one machine is not very advisable. With the Random Number Generator, you will never be able to guess the winning combinations. Hence, it is better to not keep playing on one machine with the hope of winning big. Instead keep the fun of online slots alive and try out various-themed machines. You can do the same with online video slots as well and keep the excitement running.