Double Bubble Slot’s Wild Symbol can be Your Winning Ticket

The bubble themed slot game, Double Bubble is fast becoming a craze among the slot fans as the game offers players a very good chance of winning big money. Adding to the element of thrill is the presence of wild symbols in the slot machine. In addition to taking the players past the winning post, wild symbols enable the players to take home the maximum payout eligible under the terms of the game.

Wild SymbolThe Role of Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are bestowed with the power of transferring its form to that of the symbol required to complete the winning combination successfully. That is, it is a known fact that to win at slot games, a player has to end up with similar patterns on their reels as they appear in the house pattern displayed at the casino. It is here that the wild symbols come very handy for players to win. If instead of the symbol, which has to be present in the wheel, a wild symbol appears, then this symbol can be substituted for the missing symbol, thereby, helping players complete the winning formation. In the Double Bubble slot game, the wild symbol is represented by the logo of Double Bubble game.

Exception to the Rule

While wild symbols substitute other symbols to complete the house formation, exception to the rule is the scatter symbols. Wild symbols do not substitute the scatter symbols. In Double Bubble slot game, the logo of the Double Bubble is the wild symbol. Likewise to know about the wild symbol of any slot game, players can gather info from the paytable of the casino.

Bettering Your Chances

Senior players recommend that Double Bubble slot game can be played by betting on maximum pay lines. By wagering on the maximum pay lines, players enhance their chances of winning the slot game. Since only the symbols appearing on active pay lines are taken into consideration, by activating all pay lines, wild symbols appearing in all pay lines gain relevance. Information about the total number of pay lines for the slots can be seen at their respective payout table.

Bet Max Option

While players can select the number of pay lines they wish to play with, for those who desire to play with the maximum pay lines, there is an easy option too. By simply clicking the Bet Max icon, players bet on all the pay lines in a single click. This ensures that a player does not fail to activate any one of the pay lines. Also this option helps players quickly progress in the game.

Calculating the Winning Amount

In the event of there being additional winning combinations in the same pay line, players get payouts only for one such possibility. But the winning combination is based always on the highest winning amount. Yet another factor for calculating the payouts is the coin size. Accordingly, players should take care in selecting the coin size at the start of the game.

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