iSoftBet Secures a New Deal With Merkur Interactive Services

Two software designers who have made a big impact among the online casino players-iSoftBet and Merkur have inked a deal to share their resources. Such a move is widely seen as one which would help both the software designers in expanding their base and improving their existing market share. The partnership is to take effect from May 2016.
Strengths of the casino software majors

While both iSoftBet and Merkur Interactive Services have built a strong reputation in the casino market, their strong points are in different spheres of business making the partnership potentially a winning one. iSoftBet is renowned for the huge collection of entertaining slot games and Merkur is famous for its rich and diverse list of clientele. Thus a partnership between the two such players not only is beneficial to both in expanding their niche market, but has made everyone to take note of the development.

Merkur’s Gain

With Merkur incorporating the full range of iSoftBet games in its menu, Merkur’s clients would now have a bigger list of table games and slots to choose from. Further, by their association with iSoftBet, Merkur would also be in a position to offer to clients new content from other companies with which iSoftBet has an agreement. Thus, Merkur Interactive Services is now in a position to offer to its customers in UK and Spain some of the most interesting and unique casino games.

iSoftBet’s Largesse

Since most of the iSoftBet’s software synchronise with the latest generation smart phones, this would be an added attraction to the customers in UK and Spain. Thus, Merkur’s clients in UK and Spain would now happily play games like Astro Magic, Diamond Wild, Mega Boy and Happy Birds which have been developed ingeniously by iSoftBet. iSoftBet in addition has obtained permission to design online slot games structured on popular Hollywood entertainers like The Warriors, Rambo, Basic Instinct and 24. Thus for the clients of Merkur Interactive services, now on there is umpteen refreshing choices to make while choosing the casino games. And without restricting just the slot games, iSoftBet has few interesting table games too. While the list of table games offered by iSoftBet may not be as impressive and extensive like the collection of slots, iSoftBet has some engaging blackjack, roulette and joker poker.

A Profitable Partnership

The deal between the two leading names in the online casino industry has made the top executives of both the companies very optimistic. Head of sales of iSoftBet Luci Apostolou has conceded that this agreement is a significant landmark for the company. Apostolou excitedly looks forward to lots of mutually beneficial developments for both the partners in light of their long experiences and skills in the field. Bernd Henning, the Chief Executive Officer of Merkur also is overjoyed about the deal struck as the reputation of iSoftBet in the gaming industry is substantial. Henning is looking forward to making greater presence now in the growing markets of UK and Spain, with the help of iSoftBet’s technology.

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