Millennials Attracted to Online Gambling Thanks to Smartphones

There is a lot of talk about how the consumption habits of millennials, people in their twenties and thirties, have impacted many industries. The online gambling industry is another one that has changed very much in order to match the buying habits of these young people who make up quite a large and vocal section of society.

One thing that defines millennials is that they have a great deal of familiarity with sophisticated technology. In fact, this particular segment of the population has grown up using technology and is therefore absolutely comfortable using it. Millennials are more likely than others to use their smartphones to go online. The rapid advances in mobile phone technology have also ensured that more and more activities can be done on them without any problems. The other defining feature of this particular generation is its fondness for social media.

The online gambling industry has been very quick to identify the potential of this youthful yet cash rich market segment. In fact, the leading service providers in this industry are very keen to find ways to tap into this segment which hasn’t yet show a great deal of interest in gambling. In fact, millennials who have been so keen to do so many things on the internet haven’t been doing a lot of gambling online. One reason could be that they prefer the immersive nature of video games and therefore feel that online gambling is not interesting enough.

The gaming industry has plenty of reason to cheer since there are indications that this particular segment of the population is beginning to show interest in gambling on the internet. In fact, a study commissioned by the UK Gambling Commission discovered that there was a seven percent increase in gambling within the 18 – 24 age group. Furthermore, the age of the average gambler was dropping from year to year. It stands to reason that they are choosing to do so using their smartphones and tablets instead of their PCs.

Online casinos are trying to attract young customers by featuring games that are especially designed to be interesting for them. Slot games such as Double Bubble slot is very appealing to younger gamblers because they are fast paced and have high quality animation that is akin to video games. It is also increasingly becoming clear that the younger generation of gamblers prefers games that have elements of skill and not just luck. Therefore, game developers have started making games that are skill-based and also have many unusual features. Customers these days expect to come across many novel features when they play games or gamble on the internet.

Online casinos are also making changes to their websites in order to make them accessible via smartphones. Increasing numbers of sites are being optimized for smartphone usage since this is clearly the way of the future. They are also incorporating many elements of social media since this clearly appeals to the younger market segment. It will definitely be interesting to see all the changes that will be brought about in the gambling industry.

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