Online Casinos Featuring the Popular Double Bubble Slot

With as simple a theme as bubbly champagne, Gamesys Group has constructed a perfect slot game.

Needless to add, the wild and scatter symbols associated with this slot game are represented by the bubble symbols.

To make this game more player friendly, Gamesys Group has introduced Pop Bonus feature, which provide the players additional opportunity to spin the wheel.

Tricks to Succeed at Double Bubble Slot

Basic rule to succeed at the slot game is to be fully conversant with the terms and conditions of the game.

This allows players to utilise the offers and bonuses provided in an optimum manner.

Second simple tip to succeed in any slot game is to play with more lines and with more number of coins.

When the spin comes to a halt, the more the number of lines wagered on by a player the better are their chances of seeing a pattern emerging on the reels, which are as per the casino terms.

Recommended Online Sites to Play Double Bubble Slot

Since it is important to enjoy the entertaining game from a secure site, players carefully choose the online casinos to wager their hard earned money.

Also with intense competition existing between online casinos to attract new customers, players cleverly use the situation to play from the site where they get the best offers.

Some of the leading online sites where players prefer to play Double Bubble slot include Wicked Jackpots, Virgin Games, Jackpotjoy casino and Caesars casino.

Jackpotjoy Casino

Jackpotjoy CasinoA casino, which assures the players to let them into the jackpot rounds, is Jackpotjoy casino.

Jackpotjoy casino has several slot and bingo games. Jackpotjoy casino is also known for offering a few, but very special games. .

A welcome bonus of 100% is automatically accounted in the players account here, at the start of the real money game.

The site is also very popular for its super jackpot offers, which provide players a great chance to earn fabulous money.

Freebies at Virgin Games

Virgin GamesYet another favourite of casino players when it comes to playing the delightful Double Bubble slot game is Virgin Games.

Players prefer this gaming portal due to its attractive offers like daily free games and guarantee to win handsome prizes every day.

Players are also bestowed upon 200% of welcome bonus on the initial deposits made at the site.

Virgin games offer casino players several interesting options to play the bingo and slot games.

Thus, players enjoy playing their loved games in a secure environ and end up by making good money too at Virgin Games.

Not so Wicked Jackpots Afterll!

Wicked Jackpots CasinoJackpots may be cruel to many when after so much aspiration and dreams, the actual reality brings them crashing down.

But this has not been the case at Wicked Jackpots. Right from offering a bounty with deposit bonus to offering free games and a guaranteed entry to the jackpot rounds, Wicked Jackpots is the most sought after place to play the Double Bubble slot.

So, choose an online casino today and start playing this refreshing and entertaining slot!

Bingo Sites with Double Bubble Slot

As the name is suggestive the theme of the Double Bubble slot game is bubbles, which are reminiscent of the champagne bubbles.

Various symbols associated in the game like the wild symbol, scatter symbol and the bonus features are represented through bubbles of different kinds.

Needless to say, Double Bubble slot game is as amusing as the bubbles are.

Places where Double Bubble slot are Featured

At some of the leading online casinos like Caesars casino and Jackpotjoy the Double Bubble slot game is available to play.

Further, this entertaining slot game can be played at a few bingo sites like Sun Bingo, Fabulous Bingo and Caesars Bingo too.

Double Bubble slot game can be played on all these online sites directly without any need to download the game.

Players prefer to play Double Bubble slot at sites like Fabulous Bingo, Sun Bingo and Caesars Bingo due to the liberal welcome bonuses offered.

And it is not only the welcome bonus, which entices the players to the site, freebies like daily bonuses, gifts and free games attract the players to the site as well.

Special Offers at Caesars Bingo

caesars-bingoWhile the Double Bubble designed by Gamesys Group can be played directly from sites offering the game, without need to download the game, different sites offer unique promotions to the players in their bid to lure new players and retain the regular players.

Among other offers, Caesars Bingo has devised promotional plans for Mondays when players are bestowed with cash backs.

Caesars Bingo also offer welcome bonus in the range of 200% for deposits up to £400.

Sun Bingo Offers

sun-bingoIn their bid not to be left behind by the spate of offers by the competitors, Sun Bingo has thought of novel ‘Win a Trip’ offers for players signing in to play the enjoyable Double Bubble slot.

Players also get a good chance of playing free bingo games on the site.

For players who still feel that the offers are not adequate, Sun Bingo offers cash prizes too.

Welcome bonus offered here at Sun Bingo is among one of the highest paid for online games at 300% for the initial deposit money paid by the player.

Fabulous Bingo’s Extraordinary Offers

Fabulous BingoIn a very striking manner, Fabulous Bingo has come up with promotions, which are almost a mix of all the offers the other bingo sites have devised.

This makes it obviously as one of the better places to play Double Bubble slot game.

Further, players enjoy 50% bonus for every reload, thereby, making this as the top choice for players.

Enjoying a Visual Treat

Double Bubble slot is designed to provide visual treat to the players, just like all other slot games.

Tantalising visuals of the Double Bubble slot game make it almost absolutely impossible for the players to quit the game in a hurry.

And as the losses incurred are not significant either, the players are completely at home in this entertaining and profitable online slot game.

So, where will you be playing Double Bubble slot today?

An Overview of Double Bubble Slot

If you have been looking for an interesting slot all this while, then play the Double Bubble slot that’s available at many online casinos.

It is a five reel game with 20 pay lines. It simply means that you will have five spinning reels to create the winning combinations.

This bubbly game can offer you the highest prize of £80,000 and can be played for completely free.

You can get maximum of 20,000 credits per line bet and are paid for winning combinations made on an enabled pay line.

The Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Double Bubble slot contains a wild symbol called the Double Bubble Logo. The main feature of this symbol is that it can substitute all the other symbols in order to create the best winning combinations.

These combinations are made with multiple wild symbols present on an enabled pay line.

You can browse through all the winning combinations in the pay table. One thing that you need to remember is that this wild symbol will not activate the Bubble Pop Bonus feature game and also does not substitute the Bonus Bubble symbol.

Bonus Bubble symbol is the scatter symbol. Note that, this symbol is displayed only on three reels-first, third and fifth.

The best part is that the Bubble Pop Bonus Feature game is activated on its own. On its activation, three Bonus Bubble symbols appear on the screen from which you are required to select any one.

The chosen bubble will disclose a random coin multiplier value. However, it is true that the scatter symbol never offers any winnings.

The only benefit of Bonus Bubble symbol is that it provides you an access to the Bonus Feature game.

Coin Size and Auto Spin Feature

To start the game, you will need to select the coin size. Your wagering amount depends upon the coin size that you have chosen.

To choose any coin size, you can simply click ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons present beside the coin size.

The game also features Auto Spin that permits you to choose the number of spins. It keeps the game in control as it automatically halts for bonus games.

You can also avail the advanced options in Auto Spin.

Important Points to be Considered

  • The highest win in Double Bubble is available on selected pay line.
  • The entire payouts are made in accordance with the pay table of the game.
  • While playing in Playing for Fun mode, you may not be able to use some features.
  • Excluding the scattered Bonus Bubble scatter symbol, all the other symbols pay from left to right in a consecutive order.
  • You will be paid for the highest combination created on an enabled pay line even if there is more than one winning combination on a pay line. It excludes all the scatter wins.
  • You will not see Bonus Bubble scatter symbol on an enabled pay line in order to win.
  • Except for scatter symbol, Double Bubble Logo wild symbol replaces all others

With all the essential details mentioned earlier, you stand a chance of winning a considerable amount by playing Double Bubble slot!