Slot Machines that Accept Credit Cards – Are They Really a Good Idea?

Slot machines are without doubt great fun to play and casinos, both online and land-based, get a big chunk of their revenues from these games. Slot games provide casinos with almost 70% of their revenues and the demand for them seems to be increasing all the time. Take a game like Double Bubble slot, for instance. This multi-line slot game is fabulously entertaining and it also gives you the opportunity to make a few good wins now and then. It is really quite hard to pull one’s self away from the game, especially if you’ve notched up a few wins.

Credit CardsSlot machines have changed tremendously over the past couple of decades from cute little ‘one-arm bandits’ to the high tech video slot games that you see today with unique themes, top of the line animation and many pay lines to gamble on. There is so much demand for slot machines that games manufacturers invest a lot of money in developing new games, so that they can grab the attention of players and retain it as well. After all, there is so much money to be made here!

Gaming companies are doing more than just making slot games more interesting. They are also making them more profitable for casinos, especially by making it easy for players to put money into the machine, in order to start playing. There was a time when only coins could be fed into the machine. Not only was this cumbersome for the players, but casinos also had to employ more people to help customers keep track of these coins. The use of dollar bill receptors led to a spike in revenues from slot machines since players no longer had to waste time handling coins.

Some of the latest casinos make payouts using vouchers instead of cash. These vouchers also help casinos earn more revenues since players are more likely to play off any remaining credits instead of going to the cashier’s booth to redeem a couple of dollars.

There is a new development in the gambling industry that is definitely a cause for concern. This involves the use of credit cards to pay for slot games. While this no doubt makes it easy to feed in money to the machine, it can also be misused terribly. One of the cardinal rules of safe gambling is to only wager a fixed amount of money during a particular session in order to avoid risking money that one can’t afford to lose. The use of credit cards goes completely against this rule and therefore, it is not a good idea at all to introduce these machines. There will be many instances of players wagering sums of money time and time again as they rack up losses instead of just going home after their cash is exhausted.

Responsible gambling is actually a great deal of fun and you can have a wonderful time playing Double Bubble and other slot games as long as you wager a limited amount of money on your favourite games!

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